LG 4081B Vs. NEC 2500A

I wanted your help in deciding which to buy :

NEC 2500A - 120$ with 2 years of warrenty
LG 4081B - 109$ - with 1 year of warrenty

It seams that the 4081B don’t have so much info and revies as the 4082B - what is the different between them - I think that they are “exactly” the same… No ?

I’ve read everything on the 2500A…

But I just cannot decide…

What do you think ?

The 4082B writes 8x -R and 4x -RW in addition (the 4081B only writes 8x to +R and 2x to -RW media) …

Whereas the 4082B just received a sky-rocketing review in the german PC magazine 'ct for it’s outstanding writing quality, the 4081B was rather known to be picky about media - from what I’ve read, this device could not write to 8x on some certified 8x media.

For me, it would be either 4082B (primary choice due to additional DVD-RAM writing) or NEC2500A - but not the 4081B.

Don’t buy 4081B. 4120B will be offered about the same price, in a few weeks at most.

4081B vs. 4120B

8x DVD+R vs. 12x DVD+R
4x DVD-R vs. 8x DVD-R
3x DVD-RAM vs. 5x DVD-RAM
Poor write quality vs. great write quality

According to cdrinfo, cdrlabs reviews 4081b write quality is decent. Did the new firmwares changed something for the worse?


Im looking forward to the 4120B doesnt it also have Duallayer support?

Yup - it’s now available in UK at MicroDirect

Bugger. £7 more and two weeks after I bought the 4082…

/me loads eBay

I know how you feel - I’ve had my 4082b for a bit longer, still just two months though.

I’ve also had one for some time. Two months maybe. But I got that from a friend in Seoul. He hasn’t yet let me know his bank account so it’s for free at least till now.

Yes, it does. 4120B’s LG’s first DL-supporting writer drive.

I think both CDRinfo.com and CDRlabs.com meant different things when it comes to write quality. But even then, 4120B seems to write to more media at correct speeds successfully than 4081/4082B. CDRLabs will soon disclose a review of 4120B, how soon exactly I don’t know.