LG 4081B is giving grief

G’Day everybody,

I have the LG4081b burner and are currently experiencing difficulties.

The drive no longer recognises blank DVD-R media - it says the disc is not formatted and that windows cannot read from this disc - I had this same problem 6 months ago and returned the unit under warranty. In both cases the drive worked fine initially until these problems appeared.

It will read CD-R’s and play back DVD’s but as soon as I insert blank media it falls over.

I understand I am not the only person who has had grief with this drive.

Can anybody suggest some things I could try.


PS This post should probably be in newbie section - sorry.

Anyways after reading some posts on the 4081b it is obvious this drive sucks. I’m going to buy a new drive so any suggestions would be appreciated - this LG experience has been awfull!!

Refusing to recognize all types of blank DVD-R and DVD+R and DVD+RW and DVD-RW media or just one type of DVD-R media?

Is the drive now out of warranty? Even if its warranty expired, you can probably still send the drive to LG (if the drive has official LG warranty) and see what’s wrong.