LG 4081B Firmware A106

Hey guys, I’ve been a lurker of this forum lately as my LG 4081B stopped reading and writing cds.

After some searches found out that greasing the rails would fix the problem, and guess what IT DID! too bad I purchased a Benq 1620 pro few weeks earlier. I thought LG would send me out a new one as its only few months out of warranty, guess not, opened it up greesed it and voila :smiley: Now got 2 dvd burners, but thats not the point of this thread.

I found out using the unofficial firmware page that there is a a106 firmware but it was really freaking hard to find. Finally found it and flashed it, not sure what it fixes (deffinately not my read and writing problems the burner HAD). So ya if you guys want this firmware, I’m hosting it (well savefile.com is hosting it on my behalf lol).



if there are any new firmwares or if anyone needs firmwares of other burners and cant find them, let me know I’ll try and look.

Take care.

bumping it up to the top for those who havent seen it :wink:

does the A106 firmware allow the LG gsa 4081B to burn double layer DVD? I think I read it somewhere but am not sure.

Welcome :slight_smile:
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I have answered your question in the other thread.