LG 4040b

Hi, I bye this dvd recorder, but when i put in my drive of dvd player or can’t read the dvd or it takes mutch time to read ir…can anybody help me? thanks

are u sure ur dvd player is capable of playing recordable discs, especially in the format that u’re writing them in?

well its dvd-rw and sometimes can read and others can’t…I’ve treied with +rw and it’s the same or worse…but no I’m not sure…

The LG GSA 4040B drive is a multiformat drive meaning it supports DVD+R,+RW,-R,-RW, and RAM. Are you saying that the drive itself can not read the DVDs you feed it with or that your stand alone player doesnt recognise the DVDs you write using your drive?

my dvd recorder recognise the copys only my dvd drive (read only) doesn’t recognise ou it takes mutch time to recognise it…thanks…

so u’re having problems with a dvd-rom drive, not a standalone dvd player?

ya…just with the dvd drive (the read one). Can my drive doesn’t recognise the copies??? its both LG drives… :rolleyes:

use nero infotool to see what formats ur drive can read.

In what format are you recording your DVDs? It would be either +R(W), -R(W) or RAM. Do you know which formats your DVD drive supports? You can find out by using Infotool


Oh well AZImmortal beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

yes it gives that is compatible with dvd-rw…sometimes it reads the dvd copy but it takes mutch time…

do you have the direct link?? tanks


links don’t get much more direct than the one Hemispasm provided, unless u want one of us to burn it onto a cd for u and walk it over to ur house.

no…that’s not my question…my questions is when i burn a dvd it takes time to recognaise on the dvd reader

that’s not really a question. how long does it take to be recognized?

ok…near 3 /4 minutes…

Ok … devil_online, as it has already been mentioned there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Get Infotool from the link provided above and check which dvd formats your dvd drive supports. Which dvd drive do you have btw?

  2. Visit the site of your dvd drive’s manufacturer and get a firmware update for you drive. You will probably find there instructions on how to upgrade the firmware.

The fact that your drive does recognise the dvd after such a long time is really confusing. If it’s in a format that it doesnt support it shouldn’t recognise it period, time shouldn’t be a factor. Bad media/ wrong burning method perhaps?

ok…thanks…maby it’s better to go to the shop that sell me this crap