LG 4040B vs Pioneer 106

I’m looking to get a DVD burner and found that my choice are between an LG 4040B or a Pioneer 106. Can I get some honest opinions one or the other?


To be very short (as there’s loads of information on these drives on the forum already), the Pioneer is a very good allround drive with a very good media compatibility and writing quality. The LG is an average performer in copy protected discs, has somewhat mediocre support for different media and a mediocre writing quality. It does support DVDRAM though, something the Pioneer can’t.

My advice: buy the Pioneer, unless you want/need to use DVD-RAM discs (e.g. when you have a Panasonic DVD recorder)…

Thanks, I did read the forums after I posted this question and saw that the Pioneer is pretty well thought of. Your opinion seals the deal for me.

Great forum, BTW. I’ve been reading it all night, lots of useful info.