LG 4040B & Verbatim DVD+R 16x - any other good quality media?

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Suppose it’s been discussed some years ago since my LG 4040B is not one of the newer models. Anyway i hope that anybody can give me some advice please.

Verbatim DVD+R 16x (25 cakebox) is what i use and they work fine although the burner is supposed only to be compatible with 4x media. What i wanted to ask is if you can recommend any other DVD brands that this burner writes in a high quality. I usually burn with Nero 7 in UDF 1.02 mode and the data should survive at least 5 years.

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Greetings from Germany.

I would recommend a new burner. Technology has improved a lot.
If you absolutely want to stick to this one, you should get some older media. Some Verbatim 2x/2.4x and 4x media is sold as “Verbatim Live It!” in many online shops and system houses, and your drive knows how to burn these well. :wink:
And there’s That’s 4x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T01) too, it’s sold in Greece by Disc Impex.

I have access to one of these drives but not often. Verbatim 16x +R is typically some of the best media available but using ANY 8x or 16x media in a 4x burner is questionable on what sort of results you’ll get since the firmware likely has no support for 16x media and only limited support for some 8x media. If’ you’ve had success with Verbatim 16x +R then you would probably be wise to just stick to it or find some decent 4x or 8x media. Also make sure you update your firmware of your drive to the latest version available as it will increase your chances of getting good burn quality with newer media. You may want to also try 4x and 8x Verbatim if it’s available.

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I agree with scoobiedoobie - if Verbatim 16x DVD+R is working fine for you, then there’s no reason to buy anything else (except a new drive).

You should be aware however, that there are two versions of Verbatim 16x DVD+R media on the market in Europe and your drive may not like the other version.

media code MCC 004: Made in Taiwan, Made in India
media code YUDEN000 T03: Made in Japan

So depending on which of these is working well for you, I’d stick with that unless you can afford to experiment with media that may not work (well).

First of all thank you all for the quick replies and for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Indeed it’s an old burner but i would like to use it another 1-2 years. The problem is i rarely find any media below 16x and those are in cakeboxes so there is always a risk that they won’t work. I have updated it to the latest available official firmware upgrade A.304 long time ago and these Verbatims (Made in India) work fine but i wonder if any Maxell, Fujifilm or Philips DVD-R 8x which are also a little cheaper, would do the job as well. Some time i will have to choose another burner, i know, it’s not so much the cost but the insecureness which model would be ok for me. What i look for, is high quality burning and high compatibility with lots of media and types like DL+/- and -RAM. Speed is for me not important but reliability. I cannot see using brandnew Fujifilm DVD-RW 4x and not beeing able to delete them any more with any application after the first successfull writing neither under Linux.

Maxell 8x DVD-R will not. It’s fast-degrading RITEK G05 :Z

Oh i see, thanks for the hint.

I assume your only talking about the consumer packages of Maxell.

The printables aimed at replicators. (Just sticker on spindle). Are genuine Maxell.
CDFREAKS webstores sells these and so do quite some stores which supply stuff for studio recording. This is good media. But it’s a question if it will work on the LG.

I personally would recommend sticking with verbatim or trying to get 4x or 8x media. But even with 4x media you have to be sure that it’s decent media and decent supported. Seeing that 4x media is hard to get or bad stuff or both.

I personally found verbatim (MCC004) to be suprisingly good compatible on older drives which shouldn’t have a perfect strategy for it. It’s one of the few disc’s I can say that. So for old drives and 16x media it’s probably the most safe combination if it fails then get a new drive.

I’ve been seeing some TDK 4x DVD+R (RICOHJPN R01) even recently, maybe these are a good choice too.
RICOHJPN R01 generally is supposed to be good media.

EDIT: Am I too dumb or have these replicator packages vanished?
Care for a link, [B]dakhaas[/B]? :flower:

If quality is your reason for using your current drive, it’s a mistake. While some 8-16x media burns decent at low speeds, it generally burns best at or near its rated speed. And combined with the fact that your burner very likely does not even have proper support for any 16x media and limited support for 8x media, there’s a good chance that the results are not very good even if the burns are good enough to play properly (I’ll skip the technical details but there can be significant differences in quality between two burned DVDs even if both play back and can be read properly). ‘Slower is better’ is a common misconception when it comes to burning DVDs, as burn quality usually gets worse if you burn much slower than its rated speed, in many cases much worse. It’s important to get good burn quality initially so that as the media ages/deteriorates, it tends to hold up better over a long period of time. If burn quality is important to you and you use any media rated faster than 4x, you would get better results with a new burner.

Thanks for the detailed answer. You guys really spend a lot of time helping others. Well to be honest, i don’t know if the quality of writing is well on the Verbatims because Nero CD/DVD Speed does not let me do a quality scan but i chose these cause they are supposed to be of high quality. I wasn’t aware that the speed is such important. As things look like one has to buy a new burner each year or two. Since I have not used this burner too much i thought it might be possible to stick on it for a while but i fear i have to get a new one. Now the big problem for me is which one to get !

I think that question is asked more frequently on the CDF forums than any other question! The answers can vary greatly depending on what you want to do with your drive.

I suggest you take a look at some of the threads in this forum and see if any of those fit your own needs:

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If i could be sure that the LG H22N, which i can get easily here, writes the Verbatims DVD+R 16x in very good quality, i would get it. Right now i had a focus error so the disc is beeing destroyed and i really hope that the new drive will work better. Further on the drive should be able to do reliable disc quality analysis (this one can not). I don’t know what different Nero surface scan does. If this is also important to check the media, the drive should also be able to do that. My first burner 6 years ago was a Plextor 12/10/32A and i burned hundreds of CDs with it. If i remember well i have not destroyed more than 5 CDs. Now i really cannot decide if the still expensive Plextor drives are so much better than the rest. I like LG because of its features. DVD-RAM is one point which would be nice to have but maximum of compatibility with lots of media and best writing quality are for me the important criteria. I wouldn’t mind to burn with 8x just to be sure that i won’t produce rubbish. Reading some threads i get more and more confused if the H22N is the right choice or not.

Well my old Pioneer 106D can write verbatim 16x dvd-r and DVD+R ok. Based on Benq and Lite On and Plextor scans. It’s own scans say it’s bad. (But transfer rate on it is good !) But Pioneer are known as questionable testers.

@ kg evilboy: just noticed cdfreaks webstores no longer lists the maxells. :frowning:

I was talking about these

Merry Christmas to all :slight_smile:

Here we are back again after 2 weeks. Finally i’ve bought the LG H22N and burned about 10 16x DVD+R Verbatims MCC004 at 16x. No problems so far except that i cannot do a quality check in Nero CD-DVD Speed. Scandisk works. Is there a DVD-ROM drive better than my well working Toshiba SD-M1712 that can do reliable analysis on burnt media ?

DVD-ROM drives aren’t good for scanning media.
you need a DVD burner that has that capability - not all do (your LG GSA-H22N doesn’t).
you need a Lite-On or one of the older BenQ models, or a Plextor.

Even Samsung, Pioneer and NEC burners can scan (however I wouldn’t recommend those though, as they’re not accurate and not reliable for scanning).

I see. Then i’ll have to do without. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I have a 2 year old LG burner and I use Sony DVD+R 16x “Accucore” .
they work the best ,compared to TDK at least.
Can anybody tell me why hardly no one uses or recommends sony? are they bad media?