LG 4040B +R Media?

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I’m new to the forum and been sitting here reading for about an hour now about my 4040B drive. I’ve read the plus’s and minus’. Overall for the price, I thought this drive was a good deal. However, until recently, I hadn’t tried to burn any +R media. I have now installed 3 of these drives in clients systems and none of them will burn a DVD+R! Check that, they all say they burned the media without problem but when I try to throw the DVD into any one of my many different standalone DVD players, none of them can read the disks! I have upgraded the firmware to A302, I have tried Memorex DVD+R 4x, Sony DVD+R 2x and Sony DVD+RW 1x media. None of them has any different effect. As a matter of fact even the burner can’t read these disks after burning them. I have searched and have seen other people have similar or the same problems but as yet have not seen a definite answer. This burner burns DVD-R flawlessly which is fine but the trend, I am seeing is that +R is the way things will go and as such they are getting increasingly cheaper and easier to find where the -R is getting harder to find. I was thinking of upgrading to the LG 4081B but I’m a little gunshy now as I want +R compatibility. I have a call in to LG service, the tech is supposed to call me back tomorrow on this issue.

Sorry for the lengthy thread no less my first but has anyone had any luck burning any brand name DVD+R media on this drive and have been able to playback on a standalone player?? I was thinking about updating to the A303(D303) firmware but unless it gives me +R writing, I’m just going to RMA them for units that don’t lie about being multi-format. Too bad, I’ve always like LG burners. Thanks in advance for any response!


Memorex 4X DVD+R spindle (CMC) no problems burning at 4x (A302) and playback with Apex 1500.

BTW, -R is harder to find? All my local computer stores sell more -R than +R

Thanks for the reply

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with this burner burning DVD-R media. There just seems to be more +R media. My local shops like Best Buy and FutureShop only carry 2x -R but go up to 4x +R for the same or lower price. I have also read that +R will be the winner of the +R/-R rival. If that is the case, I want to make sure the burner I have is compatible. BTW the last DVDR I tried with my 4040B was a Memorex 4x +R. Like I said, it burned no problem and didn’t report any errors. I try it in any of my stand alone DVD Players, and they fault out and I can’t even read the DVD in the 4040B unless I load up Nero and do a disk info. Only then will it see anything.


I’ve had quite a lot of problems with this drive as well. I tried burning several Memorex DVD+R 4X . they burn fine but are not readable on any drive as well!! I just bought a whole 25 DVD spindle of Memorex so I was wondering if the drive was the problem or the DVDs were the problem. should I RMA the drive or simply change my dvd brand?! someone please help!

Hi Ookpic and Manjii

I had a Plextor 504A (You wouldn’t suspect that , right ?) but changed to the LG GSA 4040B .
Both before updating firmware (to 302) and after , I didn’t have any problems burning a perfect backup of i.e. the 5th element or making homemovies with Pinnacles Instant CD/DVD 7 or Nero 6 Full Edition .

I have used HP-C8009A DVD+R 2,4 x (which really is RICOHJPN-R00-001) and recently I added TraxData DVD+R general 4 x (which really is RICOHJPN-R01-002) . ___ No DVD-R’s at all ! :Z

There have been ordinary technical problems with the software and the human experimenting with it ; but , no writing problems so far :bow: :bigsmile: :o

Also had no trouble with a DVD+RW 2,4 x Verbatim (CMC) .

Maybe it’s just a “monday-model” , though before RMAing LG - try Trax or HPax ! :cool: :cool: :cool:

NB : Use DVD-identifier http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/ to check the medias :iagree:

something odd is happening…My Computer still won’t recognize the dvd’s I’ve burned with the lg 4040b but if Explorer is closed and I simply pop the dvds in, Autoplay will start and I am then able to access the dvd and it appears normally afterwards in My Computer… is crappy WinXP the real problem here?? it is a bit annoying to have to do that for each dvd tho.

It is not Windows XP

These DVD’s will not run in any of the 4 stand alones that I have. I did hear back from LG and they actually acknowledged that there is a problem and that there is supposedly another firmware coming out very shortly to address DVD+R compatibility issues. I have no date, I was just told to check back to LG site regularly.

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I’m glad you are having good luck with your burner. Mine works fantastic with DVD-R so that is ok for now. I’m just worried that +R may possibly win the war and then I’ll have a burner that will only burn expensive or non existant media. Thanks for the reply!