LG 4040B frustrating problem with 4x

Hi All,

I bought the 4040B before christmas. At the time the current firmware was 301 I think. I had a hard time finding media for it (dvd-r) that would burn at 4x. Eventually I did though. I bought a spindle of RitekG04 disks. DVD Identifier reports that the 4040b should be able to burn it at 4x.

I used Nero and Movie factory to burn about 4 or 5 disks at 4x and it worked beautifully. Then on the 6th disk a strange thing happened. As soon as nero finished the leadin the drive would start making a ‘clunking’ noise, like the head resetting itself or something. Nero would lockup and the drive would keep clunking until I powered down my system. After rebooting the disk would still be blank. This same disk would burn at 2x with no trouble.

I figured it had broken, so after a lengthy rma battle in which LG said the drive was fine, I forced them to replace it. I have just installed the new drive, updated the firmware to 302 and it does THE SAME EXACT THING. If I try to burn 4x it clunks away. If I try to simulate 4x it errors immeidiately saying ‘No seek found’ or something. But it will burn at 2x.

I’m at the end of my rope trying to figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


my system:

P4C800 2.4ghz P4C oc’d to 3 ghz
ati 9800 pro
1 gb 400 ddr ram
Raid 0 (2 x 120gb) on SATA
LG 4040B on Secondary Master
LG DVD-rom on Secondary Slave
60 gb HD on Primary Master
winxp pro sp1

You may have been unlucky and got a defectve batch of ritekg04 discs as well.

I suggest going to the nearest store and pick up a Verbatim or TDK DVD-R disc, it’s not that expensive - you only need one disc for testing :wink: If this disc writes without problems --> most likely a media issue --> still problems? may be a drive issue, to be sure try it in another computer if possible.

Thanks for your advice,

The strange thing though, is that when I first bought that stack of ritekg04 discs, the 4040b burned about 4 in a row at 4x with no problem, then suddenly this. I’ve tried different discs through the spindle as well but they are all the same.

This is making me think that something changed in my computer or my xp install that has busted this…