LG 4040b detection problems

all my burning progs don’t detect the 4040b correctly… they all give me the maximum burning speed of 2.4x.
and no not the discs are causing the problem. i can’t select 4x even if there is no disc in the drive.
i also updated it with the 301 firmware which doesn’t help.

hope there is someone who can help me solve the problem

I have the same problem. When using Nero 6, it only detects the drive as able to do 2x burning only. The info tool says the same thing. I have the lastest firmware, 301, I have the newest Nero My computer is running XP, 512mg of ram, etc. Plz help.
If u must know the media I used it was Memorex DVD-R 4x. But please don’t tell me the media is the problem because even without the media, info tool still detects 2x burn only.

Thanx so much for helping.:bow: :bow: :bow: