Lg 4040B and Kprobe2 drive-info



I have a 4040B (FW:A304) i an AMD athelon +2400 (VIA KT4 Ultra chipset) and WinXP Pro. When I try Drive Info i Kprobe2 I get an Access Violation caused General protection fault. I have major problems writing DVD’s
I have updated to latest drive FW and chipsetdrivers.
4040b i master on 2. ide together with an other DVD as slave.

What could be the problem?


Post your screen capture from KProbe (preferably, 2.4.2 since it is the latest and been in use for a long time.) That error is common and normal to me.

What problems do you have writing to DVD disks?


Does KP2’s Drive Info work on non-Liteys?


It works but not like in a Lite-On drive. There’s always the error message and not all things are reported.


Here is the error and the driveinfo. Do you think it is the computer or the 4040b
I attached the screenshots i hope they are visible.

The prob with writing is that there are always errors when I verify. Often in the end of the DVD if I make a full DVD (4,5GB). Error both with Nero and DVD Decrypter. I can post you the Kprobe results (2,4,2) from a DVD i made. I have tried different medias. Today i will try a Maxell media I bought.


Your drive is working properly. K-Probe is meant for Lite-On drives. My drives (LG, Samsung, Pioneer, Plextor, etc.) all react the same way. Only Lite-On drives work properly.

What media did you use then?


This is the media I have tried. You can see the scan result (-R) but I had to make it with my LiteOn 166s DVD-ROM, cause I can’t scan with my 4040B and K-probe? (The drive that wrote the disk can’t read it!!!)
Should I try to use PIO instead of UDMA-2 with 4040b. The other DVD 166s use PIO?

I thought of buying an other drive what would you advise me if I’m concerned about writing compatibility and quality?


Try Taiyo Yuden TYG01 or other well-recognized media. Most types of 2x and 4x media are of poor quality.

GSA-4040B is too old anyway. GSA-4163B is the latest burner from LG, or HLDS. Not much about Pioneer DVR-A09 known at this moment. GSA-4163B is fastest in recording time, best in writing quality, and has the most complete features. But if “compatibility” is your main concern, and I assume you want your drive to write to many types of cheap (regardless of quality) media, I have no recommendation of any one drive. Buy Pioneer DVR-A08, LG GSA-4163B, NEC ND-3520A, BenQ DW1620A Pro, and so on all at once and you will find at least one drive that works with the type of media you happen to have. No drive can write well to poor media. If you also want to do some PIE/PIF scanning, buy either Plextor, BenQ, or Lite-On drive.