Lg 4040 upgradeable to dual layer?

sorry if it’s been asked already, but any word on whether the LG GSA 4040 will be dual layer upgradeable? crap, I’m guessing I’ll have to shell out more moola for another drive and I’ve already paid over $300 for this one when it came out.

I paid much more for Sony DRU-500A. GSA-4040B has DVD-RAM at least. No DL for 4040B and any other LG DVD writers except 4120B yet.

keen on spending $$ on DL media too, chotto? :smiley:

the whole point is that the DL media will go down in price just like all popular media do. Eventually. DVD media used to be prohibitively expensive, but now you can buy them for almost the same price as CDz. the DL media will likely come down close to the price of SL media eventually, which means value wise, you’d be getting almost double storage space for the same price.

kenshin: are you absolutely sure on the dual layer upgradeability thing? or is it just that it doesn’t look likely/hasn’t come out yet?

I agree, but I couldn’t help but notice you complain about the price of your drive when you bought it. I was thinking it might be an idea to wait for the cheap DL media to actually come out before upgrading your drive. I mean it could be 6 months+ away until DL media reaches a reasonable price. By then you’d have a whole bunch of new drives to choose from.

not to mention if you wait for the price of DL to fall, and replace your single layer drive then, it’ll be faster. Who wants to buy a DL drive now when media is expensive and scarce, the DL still burns pretty slow. heh

I agree, too. Why care about the price when it’s just about US$100, plus-minus US$20-$30 while average price of DL media right now is anywhere from US$5 to US$20?


Nothing is promise. Something like this cannot be predicted correctly always. Just one word from a senior executive could change everything from drive name to components used.

It’s extremely unlikely that LG will ever add DL support for existing non-DL drives.

Consider the coming 16x Super Multi drive from LG. It’s going to even better than GSA-4120B and I cannot help thinking the 16x will be actually cheaper than 4120B at this time. You can even sell your 4040B for US$30 or somewhere like that now and wait for 16x drive to become cheaper. The cost of upgrading from 4x to 16x will be less than US$50.


What about old fw: D303?
What´s the difference between A303 and D303 fw. I read that D303 if for DL support. And I downloaded it 2 or 3 months ago… I´m waiting for available DL media to test.

My drive is at D303 fw level, I didn’t want to change it to the newest A303 or A304…

D303 is the same as A303? Why some sites like the Dangerous Brothers states that are different fw versions…

Maybe I’m too confused, but I’d like somebody can clear this for me…


I read that D303 if for DL support. And I downloaded it 2 or 3 months ago… I´m waiting for available DL media to test.

Are you sure about that? You downloaded a firmware for GSA-4040B that supports DVD+R DL writing 2 or 3 months ago? LG was testing GSA-4120B and just started mass production of the drive at that time.

Where did you read that?

"I got an email from LG this morning, where I asked why the A303 (D303) was removed from the German site. So it looks like there will be a new FW comming soon.
-------------------answer from LG
Dear Mr.
D303 is a test version firmware specially for hybrid layer dvd.
You can install it. But this firmware don’t change´the function of your drive.
We will prepare for a full version firmware.
Kindly Regards Peter Suh "


I can’t find the original web page where I read from.
Maybe I was wrong, D303 was a hybrid firmware just to “read” (not write) DL +R disks…

I see. I hope most, if not all, DVD-ROM drives, including combos and burners, to read DL-burned disks at least when most users try DL burning. :slight_smile:

I’ll wait things out until DL settles down. In the meantime, I have a 4040A. Will the 4040B 303 firmware apply safely, and more important, will my drive work even if it applies? TIA.

Never mind, I read some letters wrong. Shouldn’t do that.