LG - 3 drives - only one working?

As I can read in some posts, from the LG drives 4163, 4165, 4167, only the first one is working as it should, right?

At the shop, I can find the new drives (4165 and 4167) cheaper than the 4163. Does this mean something? Is the 4163 definitely better than the other 2?
If I go for a LG drive, which one shall I pick from those 3?

Thanks for your great help!

Can someone please tell me which one to choose? Thanks

I am more than happy with the 4163.

I think the diference in price is probably due to demand and supply, rather than quality control.

If I were buying a new LG, I would not hesitate to look at the newer drives… as new firmware is released, they can only get better. I hope.


Totally agree.