LG 2x BD-RE Blu-ray media (LGEBRE-S01-000)

Some info and pictures. :wink:

LG 2x BD-RE Blu-ray Rewritable media, version 2.1
MID = LGEBRE-S01-000, Made in Korea

Sealed package, front

Sealed package, back

Case front

DVD Identifier

CD-DVD Speed Disc Info

have you tried burning yet?

made in korea part scares me

I am wondering how long would it takes to burn 2 hours BD movie in 2X disc with Blue-Ray recorder?.

[QUOTE=TCAS;2042413]I am wondering how long would it takes to burn 2 hours BD movie in 2X disc with Blue-Ray recorder?.[/QUOTE]

Lenght of movie doesn’t matter, but size.

22GB - @2x - 42 minutes.

So with that time consuming I would have second thought to get involve with this process for time being until the technology get more matured and media and burner (BD burners) get to higher speed.

The “time consuming” is due more to the size (22GB) of the disc than the writing time of 2X.

Thinking about burning 5 or 6 DVD-5 discs at the 12X speed that I write at and the total time for burning is pretty close.

Regarding “time consuming”, it’s actually both the 25GB size and the writing speed of 2x on a BD-RE (rewriteable). Until now, BD-RE write speed is only at 2x, I wish the manufacturers can up the speed to at least 4x CLV resulting about 25 minutes for a full 25GB.

On the other hand, the popular LG GGW-H20L can write a full 25GB BD-R (write once) at 6x CAV in about 21 minutes.

The 21 Minutes for burning CD-R (BD) is not that bad but again in order to copy the BD movie you have to add the time ripping the movie also to the process. Speaking about ripping I was wondering how long would it takes to rip a 25GB movie?.

Wow! Is this LTH stuff??

Not sure, I’m guessing it’s still HTL (High to Low).

The only LTH I know are:

  • MBI F01 by Moser Baer India, BD-R 25GB, and
  • TYG-BD Y01 by Taiyo Yuden, BD-R 25GB

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