Lg 2166d

i just got it and i am new to the whole dvd burning thing. what kind of dvds do i need to use to watch movies? How do i burn the movies i downloaded from the computer, I thought it would be easy,but its alot harder,what is a good converter program i need in order to get the movies into the proper form to burn it to dvd to watch it on my dvd player? Sorry,i am like super rtupid when it comes to this,plus it didnt come with any directions.

You should try the following software:

  • DVDShrink for extracting the movie from your DVD and shrinking it to 4,7 GB
  • DVDDecrypter in case the DVD is copy protected and for burning the shrinked file
  • Your burner writes all known formats but DVD+R with DVD-Rom bookmark are the most compatible media although there is no guarantee that all DVD player will be able to play such discs