LG-2166D with LightScribe

Hello all,

I browsed all the threads, as I was looking for an updated firmware for LG-2166D.
I found one, but only for 4166B, and I am afraid of that I will loast guarantie.
Why they are not listed on the LG site the 2166D model?
And why is not there an updated firmware? I mean, now its not necessary, but what about after a year when new DVD medias will be there?

The answer is simple: The drive is too new.

update is available at the LG site to firmware 1.01

This is stock firmware for most drives.
1.02 is new but not available for download yet (only via auto-update software).


Forgot to say they have already field-tested GSA-5168D in South Korea.

Any idea of the specs of the drive? Most people have been wondering why LG’s new external drives are all Panasonic chipset ones (2164/2166). Hopefully this will be a Renesas chipset model.