LG 2166 can it be crossflashed

I have just recieved an LG 2166 external with V1.01 firmware. I was wondering what drive this would be if it were an internal drive and what if any fimware can it be crossflashed to ( if any) It is a Lightscribe enabled with RAM support. I was thinking it could be a LG 4166 but I am not sure, would there be any advantage to crossflashing this drive?

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You are right, it is a 4166.
Crossflashing gives you the advantage of being able to use FW 1.02, not yet released for 2166 but available since several months for 4166.


What flasher would you use to achieve this?


Thanks Ala42, but I cannot seem to find a working link for this V1.01 firmware.

You find HBLoader at http://italianjob.ifrance.com in the GSA-4166 1.01 package.

Thankyou Ala42, I appreciate your help.

When I downloaded the firmware from http://italianjob.ifrance.com it said it was for the 4166 but when I fired up the flasher and got ready to flash it recognized the firmware as LG 4164 firmware in the flasher. Does this make a difference? Once it is a LG 4164, I assume I can make it a 4166 but I am going to hold off until I can get a little more infor from someone who has tried this.

HBLoader displays the bootcode id of the firmware. The GWA-4164/4166, GSA-4166/2164/2166, HP 740b/e, 840b drives all use the same bootcode with id HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4164B N001. If you search the forum you will find numerous crossflash reports of these drives and firmwares.