LG 2164: burning a 90 minutes Philips CD-R

Got an external LG 2164 (v1.01 -latest version!) and I can’t get it to recognize 800Mb CD-R… it shows up with a max capacity of 703Mb. I am using Philips CD-R 800Mb (90minutes)… maybe not the best but good enough, isn’t it?.

Anyhow, I am using Nero and I’ve read somewhere I should be playing with the options (enable disc-at-once overburning and define 89:30:00 as the absolute max overburning size). I have done so, but still it recognizes the disc as 703Mb capacity. When I ‘ignore’ this fact and try to burn anyway it tells me it does not fit (a file merely 780Mb!) and it ask me to replace the disc.

Then I’ve tried with the internal slimtype DVDRW from the laptop and same thing. I conclude the pb must be in the settings of Nero, no?. How the heck do I get it to burn a 90minutes CD???


Hi Cokie. I’ve done what you’re trying to do many times and it should work ok. I’ve got a bunch of 90min (800MB) discs that I don’t use very often but once in a while they come in handy for that CD compilation that wont quite fit on a regular CD.

I’ve burnt these on several different burners and in several different computers and in both Nero5 and Nero6 and in every case I’ve had to burn them as if I were “overburning”. Technically it’s not really overburning because these long-play discs have a tighter spiral and fit the extra data without going past the nominal end travel point, so it’s very safe. My point is that no burner and no software has ever recognized them as 90min (they alway show up as 80min/ 703MB), so I think this is the norm.

As to why your software won’t overburn I don’t know. I’ve done it with both nero5 and nero6 and both issue a warning (even after you have enabled overburning in advanced options as per your post) but they give you the option to proceed despite the warning and it works for me. So please double check that there is not an option to continue despite the error or warning message you’re receiving. Failing that then see if you can try Nero6 because I know for certain that can overburn ok.

Oh BTW. You you sure you’re “burning disc at once” and not “track at once”? Overburning is only available if you choose “disc at once” for the compilations “write method”.