LG 20x with ImgBurn and Memorex DL media? Anyone had this combination work?

I bought 100+ Memorex DL discs at Best Buy and they told me that the LG 20x drive with ImgBurn is how they burn hundreds of Memorex discs every day. But I can’t get this combination to work for over a month. Is there anyone who knows how to do this? Is there any setting I should change? I have tried write speeds of 8x and 2.4x, I have tried Nero 8 and 7, etc etc with no results.


What model of drive do you have? And what is the MID code of your Memorex media?

Wasted money for memoWRECKs.

LG drives can be somewhat fussy about what media they’re fed (at least, Renesas chipset LGs are anyway).

So with those drives more than any other, it’s a good idea to use quality media.

ImgBurn error logs are easy to find - can you post one so that we can see the exact error? This will also show us the model number of your LG and the MID of the Memorex discs. :wink:

I made another thread here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=9301

^ Agree with the folks on the ImgBurn forum about the media. Try some Verbatim (+R DL) as suggested. :wink:

I find pioneer dvd-rws are the way forward with dual layer writing in general. i usualy stick to verb 2.4x +r dl but i do use other cheap stuff fine with no coasters/ fails i believe they sold u a pants drive for dual layer burning :slight_smile: