LG 20x SATA Drives on Newegg!



Unfortunately they are out of stock right now.

This one is available though: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827136149

What are the differences in the two though?


OK here is the difference in the two drives after comparing closely.



I had another user on my forum go into a bit more depth and this was said:

One uses the Reneses internal chipset i believe and the other the Panasonic.

Panasonics - 4166 , 4167 , H20 , H22 , H50 , H55, H58 , GH22

Reneses - 4163 , H10 , H12 , H42 , H44 ,H62 , H66 , GH20

But at a glance i would guess the 16x DL +R burner would be the Panasonic chipset. Only as i know the Reneses version has be out for a while now.


Yep, that’s pretty much the only difference between the two. :slight_smile:

BTW, I did a little bit of editing…

One uses the Renesas internal chipset i believe and the other the Panasonic.

Panasonics - 4164 , 4166 , H20 , H22 , H50 , H55, H58 , H72 , GH22

Renesas - 4163 , 4165 , 4167 , H10 , H12 , H42 , H44 , H62 , H66 , GH20
…that’s a little bit more like it [based on the list of drives Ala42 has in the MCSE thread–they’re grouped based on the chipset, and on the LG FAQ. Also, for all the 416x drives [except 4160], even-numbers at the end signify Panasonic; odd-numbers signify Renesas.]


I see well that quote was from one of my die hard members/staff on my forum so his knowledge surpasses mine in that field :stuck_out_tongue: I may have to get one of each to see what I or my PC likes better now :smiley:

This thread I was hoping to strike up conversation to though. Bob will I am sure on that. Good Ole’ Bob.


Both the GH20NS10 and GH20NS15 use the same Renesas chipset.


Thanks ala42.


This one is still in stock


Here’s the semi-obvious thread for this drive series [both the S10 and S15 drives are welcome for discussion in the thread]: LG GH20N/L : Post your scans and questions here