LG 20x GSA-H55N Burner @ Newegg

In Stock now at the Egg:

Thanks but they burn to fast :bigsmile: They will murder a 16X disc :smiley:

For 32.99 and free shipping I just had to bite :bigsmile:

I’ll see how you get on with your drive when it arrives, steven

Will let you know, Dalen. My hopes are not too high after seeing others results in the forum. When one has a need for speed, however… :bow:

Just don’t burn 16X media faster than 4:45 and it should be fine. Maybe 20X media will come out. Have fun with it :slight_smile:

I usually burn TYG02 or T02 @ 8x, so I don’t really need a 20x burner.
However, I had to order one for the conversation piece with my friends. :bigsmile: Mine should be arriving on Monday.

I have two 18x drives and I’ve only done one MCC 004 at 18x in my LG H42N and the even though the quality scan looks like a good burn, with a ~200 PIF’s the disk will not play in the few DVD players I have had a go with.

IMO its just not worth the saved few minutes which are lost as I had to burn it again at 8x.

I’ve always found that what works for you (not you personally) doesn’t always work for me with drives and medias. Rare to be using same mobo,RAM,processor,PSU etc… as someone else anymore.

Post some scans :slight_smile: Enjoy.

Greetings…I put in my PC a LG.GSA H55N X20…And love it

Wowww…and I never burn a DVD over x4…Well worth the money.

This LG. reads all I have pushed at it…(Blanks)…all makes.

kind Regards HenryBoy…(Australia) 50 aussie dollars was my cost to buy.:iagree: