LG 20NS10 Vs Optiarc 7200S



While I was always liked LG’s it seems that this Optiarc looks good.


TDK 16x colored. Both writers sees it as 18x.




Imation branded.


Burn Out branded.


Maxell branded.


Fujifilm branded.


Tuffdisc branded.


The latest burns shows that the quality isn’t media/speed unrelated.


Philips branded.




Thanks for taking the time to test these two drives. :clap::clap:

Your findings with the Optiarc drive is pretty much the same as mine and many others on the forum. The Optiarc handles a lot of media very well, even some of the poorer quality stuff. :cool:


I first tried the 7173A before some time and I took it back because it gave me some strange results. One show I am doing for the moment for a local TV Station it plays on air directly from the DVD. That’s the best test I can think of. And LG’s almost never gave me problems. The last trailer I gave out was burned with 7200S. It was fine.
P.S. When I close the port drive it makes some strange noise like a plastic spinning. Is that the case with your also, Dee?
P.S.2 For me a good drive is the drive that burns at lower speeds as well. And I tested Pio 212, Samsung 203, Liteon 20A1S, LG 62N, LG 20 NS10 and this one which seems to be the best but for the moment.




Sony colored.


At least with CD/DVD Speed 7200S outperforms 20NS10.

DL+ Tests will follow. Keep an eye. :wink:

After those I will focus on burning media I always use as TY and Verbs in many speeds.


DL+ printable. :eek:


Following the TRT’s for both burns.

1st 7200S.

2nd 20NS10.

Both TRT’s are almost perfect in contrary with the burns.


I am trying also the RITEK D03 but 7200S doesn’t recognize it!
Only the LG!


LG here as Optiarc refuses to write to it!