Lg 1915s Tft

Your hatred of LG LCD monitors seems to be very loud. :slight_smile:

I can’t recommend LG monitors to anyone in South Korea because LG’s immoral first of all and 2x more expensive than most others but my 2320T at least is S-IPS.

If it were me, I’d rather choose very cheap 17- or 18-inch monitors for under US$200 or even US$150 than anything else. Response times, contrast ratio, such things are improved so rapidly these days and even the cheapest LCD monitors launched after 2004 seem to be very good.

I don’t really HATE LG, there are just BETTER monitors that can be had for the same or less money. My buddy bought a used LG 17" LCD for $100 in PEFECT condition. It’s a really nice monitor for what he paid for it, I think it’s a 25ms MVA pannel. I like that LCD, it DOES ghost a bit watching movies though. I dunno if it’s a model from a couple years ago, or a current one, I’ll have to look up the specs next time I see it. The point is, for $100 that display is VERY NICE, but the $250 they want for a similar model, is RIDICULOUS!! You can get a 12ms MVA pannel for that from a FEW different companies that won’t have APPEARANT ghosting while watching movies. It’s not about hating LG, or that they’re IMMORAL, I really have no idea about the internal workings of LG, or their business practices. What I do know is that they offer inferior products @ inflated prices compared to others. That’s the ONLY thing I’m trying to point out here, it’s just not worth ignoring the other manufacturers because of a dead pixel policy!!! :rolleyes:

If you look closely @ ANY corporation, they’re all evil, greedy, and HIGHLY IMMORAL! That’s the nature of the beast, they’re out to make money, and they could give a squat about anything else. Granted, most companies care not to acquire this kind of image, so they don’t do things that show the world what they’re all about, but don’t mistake good business practices for morality!! Almost ANY corporation CAN & WILL do things that are highly immoral if it won’t catch the public eye, and make them look bad. Any morality a corporation has is all about public image, and nothing more. It will LOSE THEM $$$ if they do stuff that makes them look bad to the public.

The fact of the matter is most places in the US and europe don’t carry cheapo no brand monitors with any kinds of decent specs. So you’re forced to do business with a corporation if you want a decent LCD. I’m not for or against any of them, it just so happens that Hyundai, Viewsonic, and Samsung all make decent LCDs that are available here, and I’d rather have one of them than an LG display (unless it was $100). If LG made a display that had an 8ms response time, with 700:1 contrast ratio, and 300cd/m2 brightness for $350 that got the reviews that the Hyundai did, I’d be all over it (if I was still looking for an LCD)!!! :iagree:

Maybe you missed why I said your hatred of LG is loud. :slight_smile:

I doubt you care why I said LG’s immoral so why bother?

And can’t you just post without so many exclamation marks and silly-looking smilies?

not sure if that’s called for :rolleyes:

You don’t feel as I do perhaps because you are often as aggressive and emotional. :slight_smile:

perhaps…still don’t think criticizing a trivial aspect of a person’s post is necessary…one could easily “go off” on your style of posting… :flower:

Your reason for saying so may be entirely personal but what I said is common netiquette regardless of language or culture.

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not personal at all…his use of caps is uncalled for but smilies are there to be used…

Well, maybe using three :Z for being 25ms is OK to you, but not to me.

@kyrcy: just perused this review…pretty good and you may find some options within:

@kenshin: okie dokie :rolleyes: …any pertinent info you’d like to offer to kyrcy? or you could just continue to nitpick others’ posts…at least DS is attempting to offer some advice…

If one could only chooce between 17" and 19" TFT LG monitors (for example when receiving a monitor as a replacement of an older model under warranty) what would be the best option for internet, reading and watching DVD and TV?

Well, that depends on what the specs are. If you HAVE to get an LG, and it’s gotta be 17" or 19", make sure it has a DVI port. Unless you can get the 1981, or 1780/1781 8ms displays, or another with a DVI port, that will work OK. I didn’t see anything special about the rest, as long as it has a DVI port, it should be an OK display. I see the 1915 doesn’t have a DVI port, so I’d say that display officially SUX @SS :Z !!! I’d pick another model with similar specs that at least has a DVI port, because the picture is a LOT better through the DVI. Like Samsung, LG in their infinite STUPIDITY has decided to only give you an analoug D-SUB connector on MOST of their displays. The 1920p looks like a VERY NICE display, but it might ghost a little because of the response time. It is an MVA pannel capable of TRUE 24 bit color, 700:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, and a DVI port. The only thing I don’t really care for is the response time (25ms), but it won’t be that bad. The 1930BQ is also a nice LCD, it’s a 12ms MVA pannel, with a DVI plug. It’s contrast ratio is kind low with 400:1, which might not yield the brightest picture with the best black. It’s an OK LCD though. The next one I’d pick is the 1980Q, it has a DVI port, 8ms response time, 500:1 contrast, and 250cd/m2 brightness. I’d DEFINETLY get a 19" display with a DVI port. If it’s a TN pannel (the poor viewing angle and the 16.2 million instead of 16.8 million give it away) it better be 12 ms or better. I’m done shopping for an LG monitor for you though, it seems you’re stuck on them, so make up your own dang mind about the rest of it. :rolleyes:

@ Kenshin: AWAAAAA, CRY ME A RIVER!!! :sad: :Z :flower: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


If your part of Europe happens to be the UK then www.aria.co.uk offer a zero dead pixel check on any TFT (at a small cost).

Hello everyone. I got the chance to get either a Lg 1915s or one HP 1706 for a good deal , I have been investigating and don´t know what to do. I Know that the Lg has is a TN , but I can´tt find information about the HP . The don´t have that information in HP, not even in the manual. Well, my main use is for games and editing video, could someone give me some advice

Thanks a lot