Lg 1915s Tft

Looking for a new 19" TFT monitor to replace an older CRT one. Is the above monitor a good chioce?

I really think you can do better. First of all, with 12ms responsetime, you should really go for an MVA pannel. If you want a really nice monitor, the Hyundai L90D+ kicks @$$! It’s pretty cheap too, but it’s 8ms, with better brightness, and contrast than the LG. I like it a LOT, it’s plenty fast for games, and does movies very well too. I’m really picky about response time, so I wouldn’t even consider anything more than 12ms response time. 8ms is good enough to replace a CRT, and 4ms isn’t really necessary. Another very nice monitor, but also very expensive is the VP191 from viewsonic. It’s the world’s first 8ms MVA pannel, so the color is actually 24 bit. Anyways, unless the LG is an EXTREMELY good deal, get something else. There are a LOT better displays to be had. :iagree:

Still, LG is the only company from the ones I can buy monitors from locally, that offers a zero pixel warranty. Isn’t this important?

Hyundai’s still a South Korean company but L90D+ is not on sale in South Korea, only L90D.

Can your eyes really notice differences between 12ms, 8ms, and 4ms response times in various LCD monitors?

Well, I don’t mind 1 or 2 dead pixels, as long as they aren’t STUCK on one color! I have 1 dead pixel on my hyundai, and it’s only visible IF I look for it. I can’t see it unless I purposefully look for it. As for response time, you know how that goes, the number means almost nothing. On an MVA pannel, 16ms looks OK, but on a TN pannel, 16ms SUX! That’s why I thought you could do better on a monitor, 12ms out of a TN pannel isn’t great. You might not notice that, but the contrast ratio isn’t that great either,but they’ve got TN pannels down to 4ms, allthough the color BLOWS! If you’re gonna make the sacrifice of color to get a TN pannel, it might as well be fast with a good contrast ratio. Besides, the hyundai has AWESOME color for a TN pannel, which is why I got it. If it’s available where you are, I’d highly recommend checking it out. Their dead pixel policy is 3, so it’s not like you’ll wind up with a fubaar panel. If you’re buying it locally, why can’t you hook it up and see it first??? If you have to get an LG pannel, the 1981Q looks a LOT better with 8ms response time. I dunno though, it still has pretty poor contrast. What kinds of LCDs are available locally to you??? You can check for dead pixels right there on the spot if you can plug it in. Usually, they’ll show up best on a completely black background if they’re stuck one color (red, green, or blue). Then if they don’t work at all, they’ll show up on a white background. If one of the colors don’t work on them, you’ll hardly notice it. There’s a website that has pictures for checking if you have dead pixels. You should see if you can fire up a monitor there, and look for them. They usually don’t die after you’ve had the monitor, unless you bump it around. :iagree:

I don’t think I can get a Hyundai monitor locally. I have seen LG, Philips, Neovo, Prestigio, HP, Neso, BenQ, Sony, Samsung and maybe some others that I can’t remember now.

Well, there are some decent ones there. BenQ and Samsung both make some NICE displays. The only thing about Samsung is they DON’T like to give you a DVI port, or a DVI cable with their monitors. The Samsung 930b is the same LCD pannel as the Hyundai L90D+, but it’s not as good on the color, and the text isn’t as clear. The specs are the same, it has a DVI port, but doesn’t come with a DVI cable. It’s an OK display, I’d put it ahead of the LG by quite a bit, still not as good as the hyundai. If you can find viewsonic displays there, they are expensive, but NICE. Usually no dead pixels, and good specs. The VP191b, and the VP912b are GREAT LCDs. The VX924 has CRAP for color. BenQ makes a 6ms LCD that is OK, really nice for gaming. I dunno what’s available there, but I’m sure you can do better than the LG. If you’re in the continental USA, I’d just order whatever LCD you want. You can get the L90D+ for $339 SHIPPED to your door from ZipZoomFly. The viewsonic is $427, but I don’t think that monitor is worth it. Screw dealing with the bungholes and what they have on the shelves. I swear, the local retailers carry the crap nobody wants online. :rolleyes:

I really don’t want to buy a monitor that comes with no zero dead pixel policy and this I think limits my options down. I can get for example the Samsung 915n for the about the same price as the LG 915s, but Samsung has a seven dead pixel policy in order to exchange the monitor which is not good enough for me.

Well that’s why I suggested ZipZoomFly, their dead pixel policy is 3. If you can see it right there on the spot, you can check it for dead pixels. I dunno, LG monitors are OK, but I really think you can do better. The 915n SUX because it has NO DVI. If it weren’t for that, the 915n and 930b would be great monitors. If you really want to limit your selection due to a dead pixel policy, why bother asking??? It seems like you allready had your mind made up :rolleyes: . So, get the LG with a TN type 18 bit color display, and 500:1 contrast ratio with a 12ms response time. Or, for about the same price, you can have 8ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio, and make it WORTH getting a TN pannel. It seems like you’re giving up too much for a dead pixel policy. If you can look before you buy, there’s NOTHING to worry about. I’ve only seen pixels go out on monitors that get knocked around a LOT! If you ORDER a hyundai, you have 30 days to return it to ZipZoomFly. If it has dead pixels, you could just say that it keeps shutting off or something. They have a 3 dead pixel policy anyways. I seriously don’t think dead pixels are that big of a deal, unless they’re stuck RED :doh:.

I live in Europe so ZipZoomFly is not an option for me. And it’s not that I want to give up anything for dead pixel policy, but I find it unacceptable to buy a new (and expensive) monitor only to discover that it has one or more dead pixels. I don’t especially like LG monitors, but I do like their policy.

I’ve got the LG1915 monitor and must admit that it is pretty good. I have noticed no ghosting or any problems with refresh rate during Half Life, Battlefield 2, TOCA2 or any other game.

The only things I would say against it is that the tilt function on the stand is poor and it doesn’t come with a DVI connector in the UK. Could be a bit brighter and have a slightly better viewing angle but I haven’t seen much better from a TFT screen.

It’s quite good for the price but there is better out there.


That HP 23-inch very much looks like my LG 2320T, probably of the same panel.

it’s interesting to note the differences in performance between LCDs based on the same exact panel (e.g. the VS VP201s, Dell 2001fp and the Apple 20" Cinema)…

AD board sometimes makes more difference. Same panels don’t necessarily mean exactly same panels, just same model numbers.

i was mistaken…only the Dell and VS use the same panel…the Apple is a widescreen panel…

Does anyone know if LG makes any 19" or even 17" TFT monitors that use 8ms MVA panels? I think that this would be a better choice for my needs than a TN panel based monitor.

Would a TFT monitor with an IPS panel with 25ms response time be a better choice than one with a TN panel with 12ms response time? If yes, can anyone recommend a LG monitor that uses an IPS panel?

Don’t belive the marketing numbers given by the company, most of the 12ms monitors out there are slower than my 16ms i got two and a half years ago. Before you buy find a tecnical review of it, with a comparison to other models out there. THG is not a bad bet from my experience, although there’s bound to be a better one somewhere.

Well, there is only ONE 8ms 19" MVA pannel based LCD, and that’s the viewsonic VP191. If dead pixels are important to you, they usually have 0 out of the box. The viewsonic is pretty much the BEST 19" LCD money can buy. Other choices would be the VP912b (12ms MVA pannel), or the samsung 930b. LG doesn’t have much of a selection for their LCDs. Other companies make MUCH BETTER models for the same price.

IPS pannels are pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. I’ve NEVER even seen one, so I dunno much about them. I know pretty much ANY LCD you’d look at isn’t going to be an IPS anyways.

Now I just went to LG’s website looking at 17" and 19" LCDs. I didn’t see ANY I liked. Every single one with a low (under 16ms) is a TN pannel!!! That’s not all bad IF you’re getting 8ms response time, and 700:1 contrast ratio! They ALL SUCK, the ONLY POINT in a TN pannel is response time with reasonable contrast ratio. The BEST they offer in a 17" or 19" is 500 or 550:1. They do have 8ms displays, but they’re not that great. IF you’re gonna stick with LG and their 0 dead pixel policy, get the 1981q, or the 1780q. Both are 8ms at least, with the same brightness and contrast :rolleyes: . All of their MVA pannels are 25ms :Z :Z :Z . Screw that, NOT WORTH IT AT ALL! Your choice isn’t a TERRIBLE lcd, just not as good as the others of different brands. If you’re gonna buy it from a brick and mortar store, CHECK IT FOR DEAD PIXELS. Then you know you have a good LCD and WHO CARES who makes it. I suggest you make sure you like the picture it gets anyways before you buy it. :rolleyes: :disagree: :doh: