LG 16x10x40x problems

I am not real sure on the model number but it is a 16x10x40 LG. The cd-rom drive works for playing regular cds. but it will not burn, it wont even read the cd’s it says that thier is no blank media cd- in the drive, can someone help me? My OS is Win2k Pro if that matters and the prog i use is Roxio easy cd creater 5 platnuim full.

I would try using another burning program (like Nero) but from what you’re saying, it seems to me that your laser unit has a problem if it can’t even read CD-R. So, try Nero, find and upgrade your firmware, and if neither of those work and you still can’t read CD-R get the drive RMAed if still under warranty. If its not look into getting a new burner.

thanks for your help i said screw it and went out and a bought a new burner i got a polaroid it had good reveiws