LG 16x Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter (GSA-H20L) Lightscribe problem

Hello to you all,

I’ve found this forum by googlin for my problem. Ive follow some steps like manually update my IDE stuff and i’ve managed to make the lightscribe work once. This thing is brand new, buyed it just a week ago. Now i am thinking of returning it because i’m totally NOT happy. I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Tried the nero who came with it Nero OEM it’s called, tried the Ultra edition, tried Surething, nothing works always the same message Lightscribe disc information encoded in the middle of the disc…. I am not a computer wizz so i guess i’m hoping on a easy solution. I’ve read the stuff about rollback drivers ore something? Don’t know what that means. Anyway, i hope there is someone here who had the same problem and has found the solution or someone who knows the solutions. Otherwise it’s back to the store with the writer and for me back making manually labels :Z

thanks in advance!


Sounds like a strange problem, try get the latest host software… you can find it on www.lightscribe.com under the support section and then downloads…


Does sound strange…

Did you try going through the troubleshooting steps at the LightScribe site?

Good luck. :bigsmile: