Lexmark X4850 Printer Offline

My desktop computer keeps saying Printer Offline in Devices and Printers and won’t print.
I have to uninstall and reinstall printer then it works able to print but when I restart computer printer goes offline again tried three times.
I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with Airlink 101 802.11G Wireless USB adapter model AWLL3028.
Lexmark X4850 Wireless All in One Printer it has N20050 (internal wireless print server).
Linksys wireless router 802.11G have Home network setup.
The router in bedroom door close and computer, printer in living room and 31ft. between them.
The signal for the printer is a contant fair and computer is fair-poor sometimes not connected .
The USB adapter looks like a thrumb drive.
Would a USB adapter with antenna work better getting stronger signal or PCI adapter with antenna ?

I just found out I’m missing some things when I do a right click on printer icon.
What I have See what’s printing
Set as default printer
Printing Preferences
Printer Properties
Create Shortcut
Trouble shoot
Remove Device

Missing - Connect, Update Driver, Pause Printing, Cancel All Documents, Sharing… , Use Printer Online, Close