Levi's 501 price

i wonder how much is the price of levi’s 501 in your contry
i start: Portugal 90 EUR :a

starts at € 79,95

I remember when I was a kid in Leslie, AR the price went from $5 to $6. It was a big deal.


Around here…35 bucks or so…

Ain’t that the special price for you. :smiley:

I live in portugal and i pay 75€ .

I think I just found a job opportunity…

30-40 U.S. Dollars

Please include your country, i am considering import them

About 30 USD

USA my location…

Levis at the Local…WALMART now…28.96 …wow that sounded sooo funny :iagree:

most here now wear Lucky Brand, Gap, or other store brands…i’ve not had a pair of levis in years…I wear LEI and Mudd and Lucky…mostly

Just bought a pair of 501s for UK £40.

BTW do you in USA pay VAT or any sale taxes?

As a private person you do, as a firm you don’t… But you have to pay import tax…

There is a company in the Netherlands that does the same thing, and the are quit succesfull…

In the UK in most shops they go for around £40. I remember a few years back some supermarket was selling them for £25 but they got stopped.

I found a website called [I]www.fake-bargains-wespamfor.crap[/I] which had a nice selection and prices were only $34.95 USD or €26.4012

Thin legs and butt Levi’s don’t fit me very well; And I will not pay over $25 for a pair of jeans.

[quote=spammer jhahn1234;2199048]I pretend to have found a website www.fake-bargains-wespamfor.crap. I am so retarded, I didn’t remember it was my own.[/quote]… und Tschüss. :cop:

[QUOTE=CCRomeo;2199054]Thin legs and butt Levi’s don’t fit me very well; And I will not pay over $25 for a pair of jeans.[/QUOTE]

Geez, if you were a girl you’d be sounding pretty good right 'bout now:iagree:

[QUOTE=theforbidden1;946048]BTW do you in USA pay VAT or any sale taxes?[/QUOTE]

There is no VAT in the US, and there is no sales tax under the federal government.

There are sales taxes in many states and those taxes vary from ZERO
in New Hampshire and Delaware to as much as 11% (or more) in some states
(New York) And there are state couty and City taxes in some rediculous cases.

However in many states (actually all but the most money grubing states) Clothing and other “necissities” (Food, Medicine, etc) EXEMPT from sales tax.

Generally places with lower taxes will also have lower retail prices, so
it would be well worth your effort to get away from any major city, like
most cities you’d be likely to fly in to from overseas…