It says im a newbie on the left of this post.
How many posts do i have to make to get the next level and what levels are there?

Newbie (Minimum Posts: 0)
CD Freaks Rookie (Minimum Posts: 30)
CD Freaks Junior Member (Minimum Posts: 50)
CD Freaks Member (Minimum Posts: 100)
CD Freaks Senior Member (Minimum Posts: 250)
CD Freaks Die Hard (Minimum Posts: 1000)
CD Freak (Minimum Posts: 2000)
CD Freaks G0d (Minimum Posts: 3500)

Woohoo. Im a rookie…
If i post a lot then i’ll become a… wait a sec…
A Junior memeber!.
You should post this info on the FAQ or something.

i shall forward your request to the cdfreaks team :wink:

alright thanx :slight_smile: