Level Noise

I have heard that the lite on cd recorder are very loud…

Could you give your experiences with your lite on model?

Mine, (3) are quieter than all of the slower drives I’ve had. still, 10,000 RPM can only get just so quiet. They’re audible, but don’t vibrate at all. Put it this way, you won’t find a quieter drive at 48x.

my 48x is pretty damn loud, but then again i’ve never owned a 48x reader/writer before. My 8x Plextor was far quieter :bigsmile:

Yeah and my 4x HP 8200i is completely silent, but that still doesn’t make me want to use it more :bigsmile:

my 40125W @ 48125W is dead silent!

personally, i can barely hear my ltr-48125w because my case fan is so loud