Letterbox subs

Hello to all. Ok this a bit hard to explain but I will do my best. I have a bin/cue file. This in itself is new to me.I converted using Nero and Isobuster. Now I have an 700mb Mpeg file. AviSouce says it is a 2.2gig Mpeg2 file.What I am trying to do is remove the subtitles in the lower letterbox. I have done this before with avisynth for an avi file but not an mpeg file . First of all is it possible to black out the subtitles using avisynth with this type of file and if not is there an editor out there I can use to do this.I tried DirectShowSource in my avisynth script but when I loaded it into tmpge it came up with an error. I have already encoded with the subs still there and I’m ready to burn but I thought I’d give you guys a crack at it before I finish.Thankyou all in advance

DirectShowSource should work, what was the error you got?. If not you can use Mpeg2Source, but you will need to open it in DVD2AVI, and then click “Save Project”, then make the project file the input video source. Then too crop the top and bottom I would use VirtualDubMod to judge the amount of pixels, so load it up with VirtualDubMod, go to filters> null transfor and then click “crop” at the corner, then note the number of top and bottom pixels to be cropped, then add a crop script like this (It may well be 60, ofter for leterbox it is, I assume you are dealing with a NTSC SVCD):


(the 360 being the original video hieght minus both the cropping values added).

Ben :slight_smile:

Hello. The error message states "DirectShowSource: couldn’t open file d:My Movies\mymovie.MPG: an object or name was not found (D:Mymovies\mymovie.avs ,line 1). I don’t know what is missing in the script but I’ll try again

Tried again but no go. This time after several tries Tmpge wouldn’t even open. Had to reinstall. Weird. Ran it thru vdubmod and used the fill filter but had to save in mpg-4 as an avi and even though the subtitles were gone the pix quality suffered and the finished product was kind of pixelated. Not what I had in mind.

You didn’t give whatever codec you used enough bitrate then. You can use a handy-dandy bitrate calculator (google it) and input your destination file size as 2.2gigs and the length of the movie and audio quality etc. Then use the bitrate number it gave you and put it in the settings for the video codec. I am sorry to say, it will take a while because you are re-encoding.

Thanks to all. I just wanted to say that I got some info about using tmpge “clip”. I ran the file thru tmpge using the clip function and managed to get rid of the offending subtitles. Wish I had known earlier and I wouldn’t have bothered you guys. I’ll have to remember this for the future. Thanks again to all for your input.