Let's make Avatar's

This is intended for people that need help with avatar’s, resizing, editing, making, finding, or just for people to post up a few avatar’s. So the people in need of an avatar can use one.

Here are a few from me

All the ones I am posting here are within the size limit for this site

Cute. BTW, here is a suggestion for an addition to your sig, “…and none of what you remember.”

Here are a few more. :wink: hope no one gets affend by the last 2. These are some that I found on the internet and just resized

Nice addition to sig chas0039, thanks

For those of you interested here is a link to a site that will resize images for you. It makes it real simple clicky

I’m honored you took my idea. :bow:

ok I had to bump this. I know there have been a couple of these used that I have noticed.

Hopefully others can contribute some so some others that have troubles finging an avatar they like can find one here

I just used the Winnie the Pooh one, Thanx.

BUMP Here are some more :stuck_out_tongue:

A few more

Time to bump an old thread. :wink:

Here some more

Last few

Here we go (1.):

Here we go (2.):

Here we go (3.):

Hi :slight_smile:
Lovely I had a stiff neck from sitting still.

rfjr23 :clap:

Here we go (final):

Good job alex thyl. :clap:


And for those who want to resize the avatars to CDF approved size: http://www.gifworks.com/cgi-bin/gifworks.pl?com=transfer_open

Okay, here’s some of my many avatars, all sized for CDFreaks! :flower: