Lets just see how many people are having problems with the 712A

In Plextools: look in the CD/DVD Info tab, at the Manufacturer ID and media ID fields …

You can also use dvdinfopro …

so do u think i have a bad drive???
i only bought it last week?

It is too early to tell. Some people could argue that the media batch you’ve got is slightly lower quality, and that’s why your results are worse than mine … Given the recent history with these units I will include in the list of suspects both the media and the drive. You’ll have to test it with few other media as well, and then compare your results with those posted by other people … if they are consistently worse then you can conclude that you have a bad drive …

All my 3 drives were brand new … two of them were clearly bad, while the one I have now is rather borderline I would say …

@ thebarraster

Your results are below 280 which is fine; you will have to try other media to really find out. I didn’t see fujifilm on the recommended or compatible list. The recommended list is really for pushing your DVD’s to the next burn level from the advertised write speed, such as 4X being able to burn @ 6X or 8x and 8X being able to burn @ 12X. Looking at your first burn, it looks like a media condition, not saying “problem”, because that can be a average burn for that brand.

@ thebarraster


Here is a link that will explain why we ask about the media code:
Information about media code’s

Also to find the media code using PlexTools

No problems here on my 712SA burning TDK +R 4x media at 8x

Fujifilm is on the compatible media list (see the list at Plextor.be which is more informative than the list at Plextor.com …)

Until fw1.05, I’ve always got PIPO<100 with this media (with the third drive that is). Unit no two performed pretty much like thebarraster’s unit (maybe a little worse), while drive number one was a complete disaster. All these with the same system and same media …

@ cvs

I remember your system spec’s, and It’s a very nice system. I kinda joked by saying “have you tried your drive in a normal computer”? There just might be a compatibilty issue with your hardware. I have said before, “one drive worked, why not both”

Are you implying that my comp is not normal? :wink:


No I’m not saying that, but reading your spec’s, “You have a real computer” and not just a motherboard, processor, hardrive and some memory like myself :wink: :smiley:

Rig 1, 708A was bought for this Machine(black faceplate):
Pent 4 3.0 gig
1 gig of mem
Abit IC7 motherboard
Win2000 Sp4
Powersupply: 420 watts

Rig 2, 712A was bought for this Machine(standard faceplate):
AMD 3000+ 333FSB
512 mem
Gigabyte GA-7N400L motherboard
Win2000 Sp4
Powersupply: 400 watts

At the time that I replied to this forum, it was looking about 1/3 of the response were having problems and that is more then I really expected. I am wondering why the people who voted didn’t say anything, I only see 2 maybe 3 people out of the 21 votes say something was wrong with the drive. The 7 people who voted for #2, I’m glad or hope you have found the right media for your drive.

@ Hamp,

Maybe it’s because we get fed up with saying we have bad drives only to be told by people who have good drives that maybe our systems are at fault or we haven’t burnt enough genuine branded TY’s.

Anyway, Plextor seem to agree and I am waiting on my RMA.

What is perhaps more strange is that more people haven’t commented on comparisons with their replacement drives. Have people been so convinced that it’s their fault that they are not exchanging their drives, or do they believe it is so hit and miss that they are returning their drives through the retail chain and buying a different brand?

Well, I definitely don’t think it’s exclusively the media. From my personal experience I have to agree with those having problems, it can be the drives. The first PX-712SA I bought upon release was a piece of garbage; the burns at 8x with my TDK +R 4x were so bad they errored out the Plextools utility and I couldn’t complete a scan on any of the discs. Fast forward and I bought another PX-712SA last week and this one with the media FROM THE EXACT SAME SPINDLE burns phenomenally with ultra low error rates. The only thing it could be is the drives in my case.

Good point! I for once I’m fed up with saying same thing again and again … That’s why I haven’t said anything when I’ve casted my vote …

I still hope that maybe in the end even bob11879 will start listening :slight_smile:

cvs: the chances of that are really low. We all are untalented loosers with limited computer knowledge, and buy all the crap medias for 2-3 euro each and well, the worst of all we STILL belive in Plextor magic firmware upgrades. If I lived in Belgium, I personally would present my shit drive to them, asking for a GOOD burn at higher speed than 4x. Best of all, we all are loosers as we bought the drive for 200 euro (or more) when that is available for 100 NOW. Man, answers like that can drive me crazy. Why saying that it is available for 100 when we spent the double on that, supposing that we get a GOOD/WORKING 8x/12x drive. We were wrong. And now we have to listen to those comments laughing at us having bad drives, and telling us we are just complaining of everything. Make sure, I am still ABLE to determine a BAD drive, while the other in the same system writes everything PERFECTLY using the S A M E media.

Well I also am too tired of repeating the problems here and there AGAIN and AGAIN, when I get replies that my drive is perfect but I should use EVEN better media. Ok, maybe a nonexisting blue ray media will be quality enough for my Plextor to create a good burn at 8x (oh, no I am not that kind of guy, I do NOT dream about 12x)

regards, Stephen

Well the poll at the time I am writing this is at 102 votes.
It is showing 20% “dud drive”.
The typical “dud” rate should be around 3%.
So even with a limited sampling it is showing 6.5x the typical “dud rate”.
I think this clearly shows the problem exists.
Those of us who have owned a “dud drive” know it does!

u_n_s97 Wrote:

while the other in the same system writes everything PERFECTLY using the S A M E media.

I have said before, not all hardware work together, the bad drives you guys have had, have you ever tried them in a diffrent computer??

It should not be that way, but sometimes not all hardware and software will work together, it just happens that way. Also, I am not talking about any IRQ conflicts

And as always I have to repeat that I tested that BAD drive in THREE different computers, with three different chipsets, and well those computer work just fine WITH every writer I install in. (Also with another 712a) So guess what ? I think it’s NOT my computers that cause the terrible burn quality when writting at faster than 4x (and when using THAT drive). (Other than that THAT (which I define as BAD) writer works excellent when I write at 4x… so tell me to use at that speed and I kill myself…)

regards, Stephen

Though I’ve been fortunate with my 712USB (I ordered it when this BAD drive-discussion was still young !) my view towards the problems have been quite constant :

Check it , put it in a super-nerds PC and then kick Plextor-ass !!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Careful! That’s 20% of those who were motivated enough to select themselves and post to your poll. The 3% figure likely refers to a randomly sampled population of drives. And so the two figures can’t be compared.

Think clearly! You can’t infer anything meaningful from call-in “Polls” of any kind, political or otherwise, because the respondents select themselves!

(That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with these drives. I have what happens to be a good one, but I’m appalled at what I read in these forums about people getting repeatedly bad drives for replacements. Something’s up! Time for a new model release. . .

I’m not really trying to “infer” anything, just pointing out what the poll numbers were showing.

As far as the 3% number, I get that from when I was a system builder and the “common” knowledge was to expect about 3% failure rate for whatever reason on parts (not written in stone!).

The poll numbers were showing about 6.5x that rate.
Whether people were responding honestly or not I don’t know, that’s why polls have a + or - error margin of 3 to 5%.

I think the people coming on here and voting do represent a “random sample” as it is a global sample.

Obvioulsy as the numbers increase things can change…