Lets just see how many people are having problems with the 712A

  1. Do you believe you have a bad 712A

  2. Do you believe you thought you had a bad drive because of Bad media

  3. Nothing is wrong with my 712A

  1. Nothing is wrong with my 712A :slight_smile:
    This would be better as a poll…


I was trying to set it up as a poll…lol

You answered it as I was setting it up, I wonder why it was there before I finished

  1. I think I have a bad unit :sad:
  2. Ricohjpn R02 03 is bad media but at 4x it´s acceptable except
    for an 12x burner :a
    Attachment 8x@8x and 8x@4x

hehehe… OK, just voted for #3. :slight_smile:

I’d vote for #3 aswell, but it is after a RMA… maybe the poll should consider also this! :rolleyes:

Maybe option #1 should have been stated

"Do you believe you have or have had a bad 712A…



This poll is very deceptive, there should be two questions ONLY working or not working. All this “believe” this and that is not relevant.

Mine works without any problems.


Kender du et sted med gode og billige skiver ?

Where in Denmark are You from ?
Nice to meet a fellow vikingburner in here ! :a

Oh , and BTW Premium712USB works just as superb as a TR 580 VII Standard !!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

(It’s a tricorder !) :confused:

The only challenge I’m facing w/ my 712A is burning .iso’s using 4X in under 15 min. It takes at least 30 min. to burn a full DVD-R w/ .iso. My writing quality is excellent though. I just bought my drive today, rolling the dice as it were after reading some of the nightmares experienced in this forum. I’ve got 10 days left before I can return it to the retailer.

According to the poll , it looks like ONLY one third (1/3) has problems …
Nothing for Plextor to worry about ! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

… of the people that actually voted.

Perhaps a large portion of users haven’t tested more than 1 or 2 types of burn,
since buying and testing with various media is relatively expensive in money and time.

I respectfully disagree. The pole should also contain. “My drive works but not up to it’s advertised specifications or expectations” For a higher priced product.

Well some people may be having problem with there 712A, but I have said before, I’m not, have a look at this 8X MCC burnt @ 12X. If anybody see a problem with this let me know :wink:

I don’t think anybody has a problem with the fact that your unit works as it should. Personally I’m very happy for you. Any user deserves to have a product which works as advertised. Our (those of us who are not as lucky as you are) problem is that our units don’t work as they should… not even remotely close sometimes … and I don’t think this it is funny at all … and we should really do something about it!

dont really know how to vote but this is crappy datawrite fujifilm 8x disk burnt at 8x:

i dont think its that bad so its a thumbs up for me!

@ thebarraster

Do you or can you tell us what the Media code for your fujiFilm 8X?

cvs wrote:

I don’t think this it is funny at all … and we should really do something about it!

You are right, it is not funny and I hope nobody thinks I am laughing at them or putting anyone down for that matter. It is an unfortunate thing to look forward to buying an excellent product and then be disappointed with it not going as planned.

I am starting to feel a little different about my situation, I was feeling like “I was lucky to get a good one out of the bunch”, but now I don’t feel that way. I am more towards, “I got what I paid for and those other guys are just unlucky”. It is sooo hard to believe that CVS has had so many problems with multiple drives, That’s why in another thread I asked, “What are your system spec’s” and CVS has a very very nice system, Why the problems? Not sure…

I do know(and it should not be this way) that not all computer parts will work together, sometimes it’s just NOT gonna happen. I had a little problem with my Plextor(with the 708A), but it might not have been the Plextor, for some reason with the 708A, CloneDVD and Abit motherboard, I could not burn 4X @ 8X, I switched the burners around and everything is perfect for me!

A link to a small example of some hardware and software not working together, and nothing being wrong with any of them…

Example of hardware and software not working together

were do i find the media code and is that a good or bad burn?(it reads back and plays in my dvd player not bad to me?)

sys specs:
duron 1.2
512 crucial mem
ati 9200
plex px-712 a
and a mouse!

you may want to reconsider your statement …

Although pipo of 100-200 are within the accepted standard values (<280), such a burn can be at best called average!

I have wrote quite few of these discs now, and I’ve always got pipo < 100, EXCEPT with my two bad drives, and now with fw1.05 (fw 1.04 and 1.03 worked well with this drive).

An example can be found here:


Now you might think that my results are good … we’ll they are not … just take a look here, to see what a Pioneer 107 can do with the same media:


What’s happening lately with the quality of the “King of Quality” :confused:
Probably they are too busy polishing their crown instead of doing the right thing … well, I guess if they’ll keep it this way, that would be very handy for Pioneer … Not only that Pioneer will get the crown, but they’ll get a nicely polished one too :rolleyes: