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Brand spankin’ new to DVD backing-up. I received a Lite-On Dual Layer for christmas. Lite-On 16X DVDR DVDRW LDW-811S. Came with Nero6. Where do I download AnyDVD or DVD Decryptor or DVD Shrink and the such. Which is best and in my case the easiest to use. I’m not a dumb a$* by any means, just new to this copywrite protection issue. Any and all helkp would be greatly appreciated. Links to the download sites for the programs and guides for use would be also greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Oh I almost forgot. Would it be best to use a second DVD reader for the burn process?

Thanks in advance.

You can find links to the majority of the tools avalable here
and guides here
There is no real best, they have thier advantages and disadvantages. Personally I think nero and anydvd are the best because they are simple to use and work well. I think that the oem version of nero (I assume you got nero with the drive) can do everything you need. Dvd shrink on the other hand is free and many think it works great. I am kind of getting the impression that it is no longer nessasary to use dvd decryptor with dvd shrink. It use to be that you needed dvd decryptor to get past the copy guard but aparentlly dvd shrink does it itself now. Anybody have any coment on that?
As far as a dvd reader, its not nessasary but may make things more convient and speed up the process with the right reader.
I have a question. You said that you got an 16x ldw 811s but the 811 is an 8x burner?

The DVD+R is at 16X and the DVD-R is at 8X. Thanks for the info. I also downloaded AnyDVD and I can now get the back-up process started. However, using the DVD-R discs I bought which are a 4.7 gig, 120 min format, I get a message stating that the disc doesn’t have enough space. The movie is only 115 minutes and I selected to NOT have the trailers burned to the disc. Any ideas on this subject?

Thanks in advance.

What program are you using along with anydvd? Just a guess that since you have nero that is what you are trying to use. I’m also guessing that based on what you have said, you are probably trying to use nero burning rom or something to do it. Thats the wrong program (nero includes several programs). Normal purchased movies are dvd-9 and often contain too much information to fit on a dvd-5 (normal recordable dvd blank). The nero program you want to use is recode (like dvd shrink, it compresses it to fit). I assume that nero installed a smart start icon on your desktop. start smart start. On the version I am using it is the next to last icon across the top (try holding the mouse pointer over each icon without clicking to see the sub option icons). You are looking for copy entire dvd video. start that and it should start nero recode.
Make sure anydvd is running in the background. If you get a copyright error it’s not. Here is an easy to use guide for recode
steps 5 and 6 just tell you how to remove unwanted parts so you can ignore that if you want to copy the whole movie. On rare occation there will be a movie that cannot be compressed enough to fit and you may get that error in recode (it doesn’t happen to often). In that case use steps 5 and 6 in the guide to remove something. I have found that if a movie is too big, it is usally just slightly too big. I usally just take out the non english sound tracks and that reduces it plenty without loosing the extras on the disk.
Fyi, what version of nero came on your oem disk? If I am not mistaken you can use the normal update with oem disks (hope you don’t have dialup, its like 80 meg). If your ver is 6.0??? it might not have the requirments to do this (try it and see). If it is 6.3??? or 6.6??? you should be fine without updating (you may be fine with 6.0???, I cannot remember for sure what was included with that version).

I currently have Nero version and don’t see anything saying recode. Should I go to the update page for Nero and download the update containing the Recode 2? I’m guessing yes but will wait to install after hearing an answer. The release for the install containing Recode 2 is the same as the release date for the version I’m running now. Why the heck would they not include this in the suite that was released the same day?

In the words of my daughter…“Whatever?”

Thanks in advance.

i use shrink by itself. i have decrypter, but have yet had a movie shrink would not do. i have seen a “couple” that shrink could not do, but decrypter had to be configured to rip it also. i mainly used to use decrypter with dvd2one, but after using shrink, it is ALOT better than dvd2one

If was what you had on disk, then you should have recode. If you updated to, you may not have recode. There are 4 update packages. Back when 6 came out, I don’t think that it came with everything and you had to update to get it. I am pretty certain that 6.3??? came with it on disk though. I could be wrong. It’s free to update though. You are not looking for recode in smart start though. You are looking for an icon that says copy entire dvd video. When you launch smart start, do you see 5-6 icons across the top and a bunch below? Move the mouse pointer over the top ones and the bottom ones should change. Look through them all and look for the “copy entire dvd video” icon. If you cannot find that try this. go to start on your desktop, go to all programs, nero, nero vision express 2, recode. thats the path in anyway (I just checked). If it is not there you may not have done a full install off of disk or may need to update.
Let me know if you are still having problems after checking it out.

I downloaded the update for Nero Vision Express 3. I also downloaded the newest Nero 6 Demo. After several attempts to install the update (I kept seeing the recode listed in the install files as it loaded) and have recode loaded into the nero program I stopped to think about what was actually happening. I noticed that the update was being installed to the C:/Program Files/Ahead. When looking through Start-Programs- I couldn’t find Ahead. I located the Nero program, but not the Ahead. I then went to My Computer-C Drive-Program Files-Ahead and found the Recode folder. I went back to the Desktop and launched SmartStart and check for all applications installed. NO RECODE. I then went back to My Computer and opened the Recode folder and attempted to launch the Recode program. I got a message stating that I did not have the correct serial code for the program. I went back to SmartStart to check the serial number for the Nero 6 program. I deleted the serial number and Recode 2 appeared in the applications listing. So Far Recode works fine, now what the other programs in the suite will act like is yet to be seen. I’m operating off the demo version I downloaded at this time. Tomorrow I will uninstall the suite and load the Nero suite that came with the burner, look for the recode folder in My Computer again, reinstall the update if nessesary and delete the serial code. Then check all applications.

Thanks for the help and I’m not sure if I’m out of the woods just yet.

I would almost say, just use dvdshrink instead… Sounds like you are running into copyright problems… Microsoft is the worst with thier activation shit!!! I swear that every time i get some east indian (not that I have any problem with anybody from any other country including india), but the next time you give me tech support and they cannot understand me and I cannot understaned them??? Adobe is bad too… I swear that nero must be the third… I guess that I cannot post the clean tool here (or can I)??? nero instalations are so fucked up, its either the clean tool or some time on the phone with nero (ever tried to get them on the phone, it will still take you a week to get activation (were sorry, here is a new serial number???

Search for the nero clean tool, then reinstall and update… If it doesn’t work, call nero or try dvd shrink. Train lover, soory for the hostility. I am so sick of companies that completlly fuck over honest coustomers. If you stole nero, thank you, they fucking deserve it!!! If you didnt steal it, call them and say what the fuck!~!!!I paid for this shit and am sick of problems!! (A litle with nero, more with adobe (through my brother), and my god, I hear of them disableing this shit with other coustomers because they get clasified as frequent modifiers!!! Every time I even so much as fart on my computer, windows needs reactivation. If I so much as hear another east indian activation specialist (lie I said, I have no problem with the race, but if tyou cannot understand some of what I am saying, and I cannot understqand most of what you ar saying!!! How the hell are we going to comuioncate, much less you fix jack fucking shit on my computer!!!@!
I get denied for the automated activation every time!!! So I have to type in that long ass serial number, every fucking time, then I get denied!!! and have to do the process all over again (and give it to a person that is guarneteed to be east indian latlly). I swear I want to kidnapp bill gates and chop his ass up, and glue little pieces of him to my computer, just to assure him that I am not using his pressious fucking windows on too many computers!!!

and if you wan to kkow why I am so pissed off, I’ll refer you to this thread.
Beyond that, I am so sick of tortuous window activation…Theres nor more you have to change a bunch of stuff to have to activate… I actually had to reactivate becaue my EY#$%&&#$%&#$ raid one array failed and had ato automatically rebulid itself (a medely event!!!).

Thanks for the post. I’m still laughing my ass off. Sounds like you’ve been talking to the family members who couldn’t get a Blimpie or Days Inn franchise. Think talking to those companies are bad try Ebay. Try to find the number to call Ebay. Try to get someone to answer.

As far as the activation crap Bill thought was so freeakin’ wonderful and secure. The more I hear from people concerning the issues surounding the “Lets call to get a new activation code”, the more I’m thinking XP is secure in being thrown away for another or older operating system. Everytime I upgraded or added some new device or lost drivers for a device I was on that phone once again. I made the mistake, or was fortunate enough, to answer a question wrong and have been denied the install of the XP Pro I paid pretty good money for. I was asked how many computers I had installed the program on, thinking I was asked how many times I had installed the program on my computer, I answered “3”. I was read the Windows Riot Act and told to purchase more copies or EULAs. SCREW EM’!!! I went back to running 2000 Pro with no hitches, glitches, freezes, problems or fuckin’ phone calls to Bill’s Army. XP is ok I guess, but 2000 does all I need for it to do. Handles all my tasks, doesn’t piss me off (too much), is VERY secure and the kids hate it because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles XP does therefore “BORING”. I like it like that. Keeps them off my computer and free of the problems they keep inflicking on theirs.

Have a wonderful freakin’ day.