Let's do another music thread...!

I mentioned that in Crabby’s thread about the Beatles after a short while some discussions on music came up… as I don’t want that thread to go too much offtopic and I do want to discuss music… here’s your chance…:wink:

Let me begin:

The popular music of the past 15 years has been worthless (to me) in about 80% of the cases. This music is only aimed at the teenagers that like to throw away their money on cd’s they’ll only listen for a week.

The not-so-popular music has been doing great during the last years. What I like is that more and more gothic bands (be it cybergoth or metal) are forming and older ones are getting better. More and more band are forming and this style of music is getting better every single day… lots of info here

Comments please :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I wonder what music you like?:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lately I haven’t been into music. I think it is really going downhill in Australia at the moment. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Australia the top singer is Guy Sebastion (Dont correct my spelling, I dont care :p). Seriously, just because he won Australian Idol, he’s been in the top charts for weeeeeeeks :a. He has an afro and is a sappy singer (IMO)… not my music.

I like hip-hop, but not really the pop-hiphop. I dont like eminem and the such. I like breakbeats and beatboxing. Beatboxing isn’t that popular, but I think it should be noticed more.

I saw that Australian guy on TV (you watch Idols? no I don’t! how come you know him? got a gf that watches the show) and I must admit that sings a zillion times better then the fake Dutch Idol…

im into the rock thats just off of mainstream, usually. the clubs around here usually have pretty decent local bands. some bands that are on their way (i was too young when linkin park was @ a club here with POD, before either was on mtv). too young for the pumpkins farewell tour as well.

if it werent for napster/kazaa/other p2p, i’d have wasted some $$ like everyone else. now i have most of an album before i buy, and im happier for it.

also, for anyone interested, lostprophets new cd is awesome :smiley:

I began actually listen to music when i bought my first cd player. (back in the 80’s). I bought a lot of crappy cd’s , because i couldn’t afford less. Most were covers of soundtracks on synthesizers and some cd’s with remastered Vangelis sounds.

After a while my interest in rap surfaced. Listening to Cypress Hill , Osdorp Posse , Run DMC , etc. I’m still very fond of a good rap song, but i absolutely hate R&B as it is showed on today’s music channels.

At the moment my interest in music has broadened to excellent guitars , better beats , good lyrics and more passion into music.
I can happily listen to Deep Purple , Aerosmith , U2 , ColdPlay. There’s not much that i don’t like anymore , except for R&B, which will always have a deep hate in my heart.

I can also enjoy harsh lyrics such as in the Bloodhound Gang or just listen to a show of Denis Leary :slight_smile:

I’ve also tried to listen to somewhat other styles and became very fond of most of them. For instance : Clan of Xymox , Air , Dido , Marilyn Manson , Counting Crows ; You name it , i probably have at least listened once to it.

An ex-colleague had a HUGE set of Goth/Rock mp3’s with bandnames i couldn’t even pronounce if i tried it , but i liked the music.

I’ve become very interested in Music DVD’s , where you can relive some of the concerts of great people in music history or amaze at the fine art between moving pictures and music.

I currently have the following music DVD’s

U2 - Elevation Tour
Coldplay 2003
Madonna - Drowned World Tour
The Up In Smoke Tour 2002
Disney’s Fantasia
Disney’s Fantasia 2000
The Police

Hmm, music thread. I like:bigsmile:
No I listen to the type of music which is even hard to find on kazaa/winmx/…
Mostly because the music I listen to is from local metal/rock/punk/hardoce bands. So I actually end up buying quite some cds and going to alot of shows, average two/week.

Ofcourse I also listen to some of the “more popular bands” but most people even don’t know them.

Last 5 cd I bought:
1)Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning
2)In Flames - Reroute to remain
3)Caliban - Shadow Hearts
4)Reply - Nine batteries to fuel our dying teenage love affair
5)Belvedere - 'twas hell said former child

Metal has always been my thing but you can’t beat a bit of ABBA when I’m in a bit of an odd mood. I have always liked Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Bruce Dickenson, Billy Idol, Manowar, Marillion, Ozzy, Queen to name just a few of my all original collection.

Hmm yes a musical history, that’s nice to post…

Era 1:
Well… it all began when I was just 2 years old. My parents always listened to crap music (German music called “Schlager”) and as a kid, I assumed that that was music. By the age of 8, I discoverd rock 'n roll and a fan was born. I coulnd’t resist the Rolling stones, Elvis Presley etc etc. As my parents pretty well protected me from “the outer world” (yes, they are quite coservative) I wasn’t able/allowed to listen to any pop music.

Era 2:
By the age of 12 I discovered many other styles. Ofcourse, rock music was still my favourite. Bands like Guns 'n roses and Rage against the machine played all day long on my ghettoblaster. Ofcourse, being about 13 years old gives makes you want to listen to popmusic. I kept on listening to the two styles. A couple of years later, gabberhouse (hardcore house) become immensively popular in the Netherlands. As I had my own drive-in show I got into that music as well. I didn’t like most songs but ok… that’s what the people want. For about 2 years I didn’t listen to a single rocktune.

Era 4:
When I was about 17, I switched back to rock again. Commercial music was still one of my favourite styles, but I preferred rock. As I stopped with my drive-in show when I was 22 (about 2 years ago) I kicked out all the commercial shit and kept on collecting rock music. The alternative music I listened to was mainly the more or less common bands (Metallica, Iron maiden, Ozzy etc).

Era 5:
Since about 2 years, I’m digging deeper and deeper into the alternative music. Although I still like most of the more common alternative music, I developed this special “love” for less known music. It all started with bands as Cradle of filth and Dimmu borgir. Now I listen too all kinds of styles, mainly black/death/doom/operatic/epic/power/gothic metal and cybergothic (that’s not rock, but a kind of alternative dance music with gothic/industrial sounds).

Some names of metal bands that I am currently “investigating”: Penumbra, Tristania, Therion, Sins of thy beloved, Lacrimosa

And some cybergoth stuff: VNV nation, Mlada fronta, Assemblage 23, Blutengel, Das ich

Well that’s it… :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
you watch Idols? no I don’t! how come you know him? got a gf that watches the show

No, I have NEVER watched one showing of Australian Idol. Though the other night I watched 10 minutes of American Idol. One judge got hit because he laughed so hard at one of the people.

Actually, I downloaded a clip from Australian Idol. It was a beatboxing clip.

Z:\mp3\Cake\Comfort Eagle\04 - Short Skirt_Long Jacket.mp3
Z:\mp3\Dido\Life for Rent\Dido - 01 - White flag.mp3
Z:\mp3\Dire Straits - Money for nothing\Dire Straits - Money For Nothing - 11 - Money For Nothing.mp3
Z:\mp3\COLDPLAY\a rush of blood\Coldplay - Clocks.mp3
Z:\mp3\House Of Pain - House Of Pain [1992]\02 House Of Pain - Jump Around.mp3
Z:\mp3\Limp Bizkit - The chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavoured water\Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot - - Rollin’ (Urban Assult Vehicle).mp3
Z:\mp3\Pink Floyd ime.mp3
Z:\mp3\Robbie Williams\Escapology\02 - Robbie Williams - Feel.mp3
Z:\mp3\Tenacious D\Tenacious D- Tribute.mp3
Z:\mp3\Evanescence\Fallen\04-My Immortal (Album Version).mp3
Z:\mp3\Hitzone - Volume 23\Mp3\Hitzone - 12 - Girls Aloud - Sound Of The Underground.mp3
Z:\mp3\Linkin Park\Hybrid Theory\05 Crawling.mp3
Z:\mp3\Metallica\Metallica - Load\Metallica - Load - 04 - Until It Sleeps.mp3
Z:\mp3\Metallica\Metallica - Various\Metallica - Reload - 04 - The Unforgiven II.mp3
Z:\mp3\Type O Negative\The World Coming Down\AudioTrack 07.mp3
Z:\mp3\Life of Agony\River Runs Red\08 Bad Seed.mp3
Z:\mp3\Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack\01-u2-elevation_(tomb_raide.mp3
Z:\mp3\Need For Speed Hot Persuit 2\00 The People That We Love (Bush).mp3
Z:\mp3\Slayer\God Hates Us All\12 Here Comes The Pain.mp3
Z:\mp3\Pink Floyd\Learning_to_fly.mp3

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
Z:\mp3\Limp Bizkit - The chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavoured water\Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot - - Rollin’ (Urban Assult Vehicle).mp3
this ones kicks asses! … well, actually DMX deserves to get stabbed to death, but it is anyway the best track of the whole money-wasting album.

if you’re still into the rap scene (thanx againg for the up in smoke tour: how could i live without it?), make sure to grab something by el-p and cannibal ox (“my name is el-p / i produce and i rap too!”): they will make you fly high :bigsmile:

el-p - fantastic damage
cannibal ox - the cold vein

this is what i currently have, and they’re for sure the best, purest, and finest rap albums i’ve ever listened to.

Originally posted by SSJGoku426
1)Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning

mmm trio rocks live :smiley:

i am in to melodic-death / gothic-death and other emotional metal. Not only sad stuff, but the underground bands make the music feel more intense then the big bands. Like they really mean what they sing.

Listening to;

  • one dead three wounded
  • this day forward
  • daemonshade
  • eternal mourning
  • in the woods
  • novembers doom
  • scythe

Hmmm…a pity that bands like Evanescence, which sounds to me like cheap copies of cd’s i have from the 80’s , have so much succes. Gothic metal is not new as many think who discover music like this now.

The last five albums I bought were all on vinyl:bigsmile: . Check out Iron City Houserockers (see sig).

The popular music of the past 15 years has been worthless (to me) in about 80% of the cases.
Damn straight. As far as I can tell, best 10 years in music is 1976-1986. Opinions welcome:)

That said, new Descendents EP isn’t bad!

I’m not really interested about new bands lately , the music scene looks boring to me and the marketing is targeted mostly on teenagers.

I’m listen to bands like Iron Maiden,Genesis(70’s),Yes,Deep Purple,Black Sabbath,Y.J Malmsteen,M.Oldfield etc…

I also like baroque music like Vivaldi and Bach and guitarists like Paco De Lucia,Al Dimeola,Segovia etc.

Last 10 albums Ive listened to:

Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Old Man’s Child - In Defiance of Existence
Crimson Moonlight - The Covenant Progress
Cradle Of Filth - Lovecraft & Witch Hearts
Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Extol - Burial
Cradle Of Filth - Damnation and A Day
Antestor - Martyrium
Count De Nocte - Carpe Noctum
Slechtvalk - The War that Plagues the Lands

Although I enjoy listening to groups like; Hatebreed, As I Lay Dying, Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Indwelling, Nightwish, Sepultura, Thy Pain and more, my tastes are mainly towards black metal.

Last albums i 've listened to:

Radiohead - Hail to the thief
Sigur Ros - Split side
Joy Division - Peel sessions
Interpol - Black session
East river pipe - Even the sun was afraid (Sarah Records)
Isobel campbell - Amorino
Air - talkie walkie

i’ve been into so many different kinds of music over the past 15 or so years (i’m 20) i cant list them all…

currently though i’m really into the experimental electronic ‘scene’ … artists like autechre, plaid, boards of canada, nautilis, etc… and also i make similar music to these artists…

i’m into a lot of rock-based stuff as well… but mainly the more ‘different’ sounding bands… like tool, muse, mars volta, mr bungle/mike patton’s projects … and i’ve been rediscovering lots of older stuff that my dad used to listen to like dire straits and the shadows…

i’d really like to see some awesome guitarists around these days, because as i was discussing with a friend lastnight, there are no mark knopflers or jimi hendrixes of the current generation of popular music… and especially since i come from a guitar background i need a new guitar hero eheh…

my latest purchases:
autechre - tri repetae++
boards of canada - hi scores
the mars volta - deloused in the comatorium
gescom - iss:sa

Originally posted by modex
[B]i’ve been into so many different kinds of music over the past 15 or so years (i’m 20) i cant list them all…

currently though i’m really into the experimental electronic ‘scene’ … artists like autechre, plaid, boards of canada, nautilis, etc… and also i make similar music to these artists…

what ? no Kraftwerk ? ? :bigsmile:

ah of course! i forgot! as well i’m indirectly influenced by vangelis, jarre, oldfield etc