Let's do a post-around-the-clock'athon

As we have people from all over the world posting here, it should be possible to do a post-around-the-clock’athon. This means that at least one new thread should appear in the Living Room between x:50 and y:10 (e.g 8:50 and 9:10) Forum Time, of course the thread should be usefull and not contains words like HELLO ALL! or I posted!!!.

Anyone up to this and supporting me ? Let this be the first and keep in track who has posted a new thread and how late.

1 - DoMiN8ToR - see posting time. (You can find the time on the forum on the bottom of the forum overview)

The goal is to have a new thread every single hour in the Living Room

2- slayerking 12.05 am here

Hmmm…this is not entirely clear to me.

Are you thinking that the time as displayed on this forum is static (the same no matter what time zone you are in) and you want to make sure that each hour a post is made, so that you get a post at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, …, 23:00, 0:00?

Or, would you like to know what time it is when someone makes a post and compare it to the timezone you are in?

The reason I ask is because everyone can set his or her own time zone on this forum. This means that slayerking will probably see a different time displayed on the forum as you and I (assuming he set the correct time zone in his profile).

(this post was made at 14:48 local time)

Tax you are correct the time I see is 23.56 yet actual time here is 00.51

I mean that when it’s 14:50 on the forum, that’s correct and not when it’s 14:50 on your local clock (for those who are behind in minutes)


oh boy…it finally happen,. domin8tor completelty lost
the plot, congrats, the guys in white coats are coming
for you now :eek:




[B]This is one of the Best reads in a long time :bigsmile: :p[/B]



[B]This is one of the Best reads in a long time :bigsmile: :p[/B]


Where did you dig up this one from, have you been on one of your safari’s:bigsmile:


didnt hug di in Chat [B]:sad:[/B]

A womam Scorned :p:bigsmile:

didnt look FAR thread starters are easy to find :wink:
But dont look for that Now RED Aussie MOD :doh:


I am reading “Plains Of Passage”

Questions and comments about Firefox 3, IE 8, the future of Web browsers, cloud computing, and how it all comes together

Paul Thurrott: “So it’s always amusing to me when the mainstream press tries to cover tech products, but I was particularly interested in this one since I’m in the middle of writing my own Firefox 3 review. I think that terms like “innovative” are thrown around too casually these days, and while I realize the competitive advantages inherent in using terms like that, let’s be honest here: Firefox 3 is excellent, but it’s not innovative at all, it’s just an evolution of what browsers have always been. And that’s fine, I guess. One thing this guy does get right, however, is that the browser is increasingly important because it’s the gateway through which we do and will in the future experience cloud computing”.


didnt hug di in Chat [B]:sad:[/B]

A womam Scorned :p:bigsmile:

Thats when they’re at their most dangerous.:eek::iagree:

What do you think happens when a man is scorned.

15.02 Forum Time.
iz have the same time as Europe coz we dont have daylight saving in South Africa :wink:

OR did Domi want each to Start a New Thread :confused:

I say we bring this thread back to life…and actually do this !