Lets do a knowledge thread?



Just being curious what everyone's experience in the PC world is.

I would like to get to know the level off experience off the members @ cd-freaks.
Please do not show off with Certificates (you can state them though :wink: ), just tell how long you've been working with PC's and building up your knowledge.

My experience:

I've been working with computers since i was 7 (33 now)
My first PC was an Exidy Sorceror with 16k internal memory and no HD or disc drives, only a Keyboard attached to a TV and Basic as programming language :P.
Over the years i made myself an expert on DOS and windows.
By hardware trouble-shooting i also build up lots off knowledge about motherboards, add-on cards,drivers, firmware, jumper, etc....

I always loved tinkering with my system and tried to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Not that is matters, but I have a bachelor degree in IT (got it in '96) and work as Oracle Developer.

So post your reply and let the games begin :wink: :cool:


Windows XP Professional + SP1
Abit-BX6 motherboard
352 MB SDRAM PC-100
20 GB and 40 GB maxtor hard-drives
19" Medion CRT Monitor
ASUS GeForce 4 Ti4200 with 128 mb RAM (9280s/TVD) 8x (running on 2x)
Trust 5.1 sound card
Plextor 24/10/48 IDE CD-RW
TEAC 55s SCSI burner 4x (still the best @ copying protected audio cd's)
Samsung DVD player 16 x
2 Network cards (3com and leadtek)
Tekram SCSI card
Zip 250MB drive usb

(Lite-on Burner (LDW401@LDW411) is in my wifes PC :wink: , no room in mine any more :stuck_out_tongue: )


Timeline :

Around the age of 5 : Pong console
Around the age of 9 : Zx Spectrum
Around the age of 14 : 286 , VGA
Around the age of 15 : My own 386 , My own BBS

After that -> my own 486 -> 486DX2 133MHz -> Soundblaster -> Better modem -> AMD Athlon 1400 + 1.5GB RAM -> Now

Now :

Amd Athlon 2600+
1.5 GB ram
MSI K7N NForce 2 motherboard
2 x 40 + 1 x 80 + 1 x 73GB disk space


Things I remember:
@5 Philips “computer” on TV with memory-cassettes, playing pong-like games

Tandy PC without HD, but with “incredibile Tandy sound” :wink:

IBM 286, 386SX-25, 387, 486 DX33 (first PC I opened for inspection :)), 486 DX2-66 with SCSI, 486 DX4-100, Pentium75, Pentium133, PentiumPro 200, P2 266, P2 350, P3 450, P3 600, P3 1000, P4 1400 (423 socket, RDRAM), P4 1600/2000 with RDRAM

Now: 5 P4’s 2,4 - 3Ghz, 3 with RDRAM, 2 with DDR
about 2TB of HD-space

No PC-related certificate (I type with 4 fingers max :))

My knowledge is limited to assembling PC’s with software and optimizing for Video-edits + some basic programs.


I’m quite experienced now. Began with computers when i was 9 and now im 17 and there’s nothing i cant fix, either software or hardware related :smiley:


I know how to turn on and off a computer…but that’s it :wink:

What is your job/ambition and what do you do now?
Are you a student
What’s your secret to your success ?
IQ Tests: What’s Yours ?

Just a few links that may help out as well…


started at about 6, 486 / 33 mhz @ 9-10ish (cant ever remember)

started programming off / on @ 14 or so

in my 6th semester @ university in comp engineering :stuck_out_tongue:

taking database systems and computer graphics programming courses this semester.

//is confused how system specs = knowledge, but will post anyways

1 dell 1.4 ghz p4 :frowning: - rdram, 2 hdd, winxp
1 emachine(megacheap!) 2.6 celeron, ddr ram, 1 hdd, winxp (temporary, moving to mandrake until Xandros 2.0 is free)
1 gateway 400 mhz p2, 1 hdd, runs avi’s to home theater system

and no floppy disks that still work, so i cant make any dough fixing this compaq today.


Hmmm… I’ve been playing/building/fixing computers since I was 3 and am now 13, and went through yrs 1-6 obsessed with DOOM.

I’ve learned HTML and Javascript, and am currently 1/5 through the way of learning C++.

We had an Amiga and a 386-SX, but now my computer is an Athlon XP 2000+(1666mhz) running Windows XP Home still on the original build, 512 MB SDRAM @ 133mhz and a 40GB HDD, with a GF4 TI 4200.(which I built all myself:p)

My dad’s is basically the same except for his 1ghz processor and a GF2 MX400.

I’ve just started working part time in a computer shop as well.


It all started when I was 2. My uncle offered me a Atari 2600, and an addiction was born. After that Atari, we had an 2600ST, a C64, C128, 8086, 386sx, 386dx, 468dx, 486dx2, 486dx4, p1, p2, k7 classic, k7 thunderbird (3x), a duron and some athlon xp’s…
I even lost count of the computers I had… for now, I have 6 fully working systems and I guess more than 20 stored on the attic, varying from 25 to about 600mhz), including some old Commodore sytems…

When I started with computers I only played games (the only thing that Atari could do), but in 86 when I got the C64, I started programming. Now, I’ve finished my bachelors degree in computing sience (embedded systems and software engineering) and I’m doing masters (embedded and security systems). I picked up quite some languages throughout the years (Basic, C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, some Perl/CGI etc etc)…


Hmmm… I`ve have been playing and fixing computer since i was 6 yrs old and now i am 16 . me yet to start building a computer by myself

seriously , the first computer i fiddled with was 486 and now it has been upgraded to pentium 120mhz in my dad`s office . now pentium 3 in my room ( nearly 3 yrs old ) :slight_smile:

will be getting Athlon XP in four months time or less with loads of ram and hard disk space with marvellous graphics card to compete with u guys .

i know HTML and C ( also C++ ) . Basic was my first computer language i learned . also got myself involved in foxpro ( learned frm my brother ) , but dont remember the commands anymore .


Reading about everyone here knowing so much, it just isnt good for my self esteem


dont worry genjai, what you know isnt important. its what you get paid to know that matters :wink:


Maybe thats why I’m not making enough money


My first computer (don’t laugh) was a Sharp MZ-731 in 1983/4 from my uncle who worked for Sharp i was then 12 and the envy of all my friends as this came with a built in tape deck and plotter printer.
Then came the commodore plus 4
then came the speccy 128+2 (built in tape deck)
then the AMIGA 500 (still the best)
I swore blind i would never pay the extortionate price for a PC I was then 19/20 when my friend said he had got a PC. Crap I replied he said you will have to see this new game i have got for it called Simon the Sorceror 1 (CD version) and that was it one month later i had a dx2-66(in turbo mode) those where the days.

Now I have
P4 2.4Ghz
Asus P4S8X Mainboard
1 Gb of DDR333
Geforce4 ti42000 128mb
Plextor CD-r PX-W4824A
Pioneer DVR-106D

I have no qualifications within the PC industry and neither do i work within it but i have always been able to solve most PC related problems along with building all my own PCs and dozens for family and friends.


Originally posted by johnboywalton
you will have to see this new game i have got for it called Simon the Sorceror 1 (CD version) and that was it one month later i had a dx2-66(in turbo mode) those where the days.

The first game i played on a pc was Operation Wolf (came with the 286) , but Simon The Sorceror was one of the coolest adventures to play (next to the LucasArts titles). :bow:


Don’t get me started on Lucas Arts I wasted several months of my life to those games my best was Day of the Tentacle (eyes misting over) I will have to build a DOS box one of these days just to play all these old classics…


Originally posted by johnboywalton
Don’t get me started on Lucas Arts I wasted several months of my life to those games my best was Day of the Tentacle (eyes misting over) I will have to build a DOS box one of these days just to play all these old classics…

Not necessary :bigsmile:


Thanx alot thats just going to make her indoors like me even less mmm what bliss…:smiley: :bow:


There’s also the Amiga Emulator WinUAE.:cool:


NO more, do you all want to see me die at the hands of a deprived wife. Don’t even answer that…


Limited to experience gained within last 5 yrs or so destroying several computers, (looking around inside) and reloading windows 2000 countless times, because of the damage done messing with software and the registry. I guess I have become fairly proficient at it since my system runs great and everyone around me asks me for help on their systems. Thanks to cdfreaks i’ve learned alot about audio burning and now dvd copying etc.
Thanks everyone!:bow: :bow: :bow: