Lets call it the ~Allergy Game~ (name your allergies)



Honestly the main reason I thought of this post is because I’m mad, and I wanted to see if anyone has an allergy as odd as mine. Ever since I was a little boy… lol okay just kidding. My allergy isn’t horrific or deadly, although I guess it would depend on the severity of the effect. I am allergic to poultry, basically chicken and turkey… I’ve never had duck or quail or goose… or pigeon :wink:

Though turkey effects me worse than chicken and I’m thankful for that matter. I LOVE CHICKEN AND WILL NEVER STOP EATING CHICKEN. I guess you folks are thinking what the hell. He’s allergic to it and still eats it. Okay so I don’t swell up like people who are allergic to coconut or peanut butter. Well I guess I do in a way, it’s my sinuses… Ya I can see everyone laughing it up right about now… well I probably would too. Try this for an image, if I eat chicken for dinner, I go to bed with a nose that wont stop whistling. Ya… HAHA, laugh it up.

What this allergy actually does is close to someone asthmatic (which I’m am as well, only minor though). When someone has an asthma attack, they have constriction and inflammation of the bronchial tubes. My sinus cavities swell up in “ma face”, all around (for some who might not know) you have cavities that route under the cheeks, forehead, back to the ears, and down your neck. This really does suck though. Since I can’t give up my love for chicken. I basically have a year long cold. I can barely breathe out of my nose, rarely both nostrils, and get massive headaches (compare to a very minor migraine) when doing anything from cleaning, to working on my car. But hey, we all gotta make sacrifices :bigsmile:


I’m allergic to certain kinds of nuts…yes some of the posters on the site may be included, but mostly to tree nuts like pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts.

If I eat even a minute amount of pecans or walnuts, my mouth starts itching like crazy, and won’t stop for an hour or so. I’m less allergic to hazelnuts, but in quantity they do the same thing to me.


I’m allergic to raw green beans, or many raw veggies in general. (I say the closer to the ground it grows, the more likely I am to be allergic). Maybe I will start sneezing, but that’s only if I continue to eat whatever is causing the allergic reaction; with a small amount, I only get a tickle in my throat. Something like a traditional salad is fine in most cases, and I don’t mind having the veggies quickly blanched to deactivate the irritant in them, but sometimes I just can’t help eating raw peanuts or said green beans. (Large amounts of fresh cantaloupe are included, too, as are honeydew melons…most other fruits are fine, though).


The dust from some cat litter really bothers me . Yet I can handle just regular blowing dust in the air pretty well.
Bell peppers really bother my stomach but I can eat hot peppers OK.
It seems to be the dark green because I can handle a red Bell pepper much better.

Kerry since it’s really not a nut how about peanuts or cashews.
Or other nuts almonds ,Brazil , or coconuts?


I don’t have problems with most other kinds of nuts cholla. Peanuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pistachios, coconuts, almonds, Brazil nuts…I’m fine with all of those.

Its just the pecan and walnut family that gets me.


I’m allergic to work ,I break out in a sweat and get real tired.Just kidding but my daughter who is grown up has always been allergic to bluecheese and mushrooms.And she must be allergic to work too,runs in the family.


Mildly allergic to cats, believe it or not. Something I seem to have inherited from my mum. :eek:

Never stopped us both having cats, though :)…just need the odd course of Piriteze Max Strength (which I get OTC - and also helps with the hayfever in Spring/Summer!).


[QUOTE=Arachne;2648381]Mildly allergic to cats, believe it or not. Something I seem to have inherited from my mum. :eek:

Heh heh heh… ironic or what!? :slight_smile:

I’m not really allergic to anything that I’m aware of although I have to curtail my coffee intake as I’m prone to migraines.