Lets assume again

Lest assume that any science fiction movie you want could become true and you could be part of it what would it be.

Man, where to start:

Stargate (any one of the combat troops. . .who survived)
Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back (put me on either side of the battle in the Hoth system and I could be content), I also wouldn’t mind being on one of the Speeders on Endor (Return of the Jedi)
Time Cop (Law Enforcement)
The Final Countdown (Jets taking on Japanese Zeros)
Transformers (Just call me barricade)
2001 or 2010: Dr. Haywood Floyd or HAL

I’m sure I have missed many a film/series but that is all I can think of at the moment.

Take “Event Horizon”, that would be horrific… (or horrible)??

I certainly wouldnt this to be happen.

Leroy on the Jetson,he was cool and life was simple what else could I ask for.( most of the things on that show has come true.)

Demolition Man ; Because I would like Taco Bell to be the only restaurant & to listen to old commercial jingles for music.
I will have to think on a serious answer. It would certainly involve space travel .

A few that haven’t been mentioned.

Jumper, Quantum Leap, Back to the Future, Judge Dredd, Iron Man, Fantastic Voyage, Westworld, Men in Black, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Star Trek, Dr Who.

I think I like the time travel ones the best as they offer limitless possibilities.



or did you mean Elroy? :cool:

Ain’t life a b---- when your hero turns out to be a ordinary joe like pee wee herman,I need a super hero like Swartzenager or just his wife super woman.What was the dogs name in the jetsons.
ok after edit Elroy was the kid and Astro the dog.

Star War was a favorite one of the first of the kind.it made a big impression.