Let the lock ups begin

I have a sony drx510ul cd/dvd±rw drive, which of course registers in windows as a dru510A. I have burned cd’s and dvd’s alike for many months until about 2 weeks ago. It seems the program nero express constantly stops responding and even locks up all other system processes as well (most popularly during “checking isk” phase), until I switch off the sony drive or restart the computer. It also seems that dvd-r compilations take forever to load through the file browser, and adding/deleting files is a nightmare even though I have 3.02Ghz p4 processor and plenty of memory. Has anyone else had this problem, and can anyone help?

ps. it also seems that Shrink DVD also hangs and refuses to respond at this point.

are your primary and secondary ide channels running in dma mode ?

they are both set to “dma if available”, but the drive I have is external (usb)

Well I disabled DMA and everything seems under control again, but is there a way to re-enable dma without so much conflict?

and on another note is there any way to prevent nero from auto-refreshing compilations?

i know zero about external usb drives…oh, except that 99% of the people that have them have major trouble with them :wink:

“and on another note is there any way to prevent nero from auto-refreshing compilations?” - whatz that mean ? i am dumb you know :wink:

when attempting to add files to a multi session dvd+rw it replaces files in the compilation with ones from the original hard drive path locations.

oh, i know what you mean…it goes back to the directory where it last left off. hmm, i kinda like that :wink:
maybe there’s an option in the prefs of nero burning rom,not express, to disable that. i’d have a look but the pc i am on at the moment has no nero

I will try and find it, let me know if you find something as well.

ok I found out after many hours of testing that my burner drive had pretty much been the cause of eveything. It got to the point that when ever I so much as turned the drive on windows would freeze and refuse to respond to process ques. A word to the wise, never buy the sony DRU or DRX 510 models, because all over the net it seems these things die after about 6 months of useage.

I think you can just shorten that to just “never buy the sony”…

all sony is really bad? what would you say is the best burner then for all format?

my bias leans toward pioneer…INTERNAL :wink:

Naw, not all sony is really bad.
It’s just that they haven’t made their own drives for some time now and are rebadging LiteOn’s and Optorites so you are better off just buying the originals than paying the markup for the sony name.

ah so I see. I had a product replacement plan that i forgot about (luckily it fell out of my drawer ^_^) and am most likely going to be forced to get another sony drive through compUSA. So are there any tale-tell signs of it being a relabelled unit?

Jump into the LiteOn forum and ask.

aquaflare7, yes I have a Lacie external USb/Firewire casing, I have used both interface, they have the same problems like you do, slow refresh, Nero freezes up when adding/deleting file in file browser, and takes forever to continue previous session.

I have a Liteon drive too. Have you downloaded the latest version of Nero 6.6xx to test if this is the problem? I am downloading it now to see if this solves the problem, would love to hear back from you.

well I actually ended up finding my product replacement plan (I didnt know i bought one!) and they handed me the DRX-530 external as a replacement. Granted it doesnt have the 8mb buffer, but it definately rocks big time that everything works now! I’ve heard all over that the 510A model is buggy and unreliable, so I would suggest get rid of it any way you can :slight_smile: