Let me confirm



after you successfully cross flash with the windwflash and your burner turns into the 1620 retail pro, do you flash to the official benq retail firmware with the windwflash or just the executable that you get from benq’s website. do you have to use a cvt file again like when you cross flashed.

also, when you want to make the burner region disc free, i see you have to use the b7p9RPC1 flash. but when do you do this. after you cross flash, after you officially flash to a retail firmware. because what i don’t understand say you flash to the b7u9 after you cross flashed, then you run the RPC1 flash will this conflict with making the fimware b7p9. because i notice the RPC1 flash has the b7p9 built in. or does this utility not change what your real latest firmware is.

if somebody could clarify these things, it would great.


Use the Dangerous Brothers’ FW that you can find here as a Sticky topic to make it Region Free.

After you cross flash, use the OFFICIAL BenQ FW, which can be found here




so it would be safe to assume to use whatever RPC utility your firmware is. so if i flashed it to b7u9, then to make it region free use the RPC1b7u9. i noticed he has different RPC versions depending on the firmware you have installed.


Those are just patched firmwares if you have already cross flashed to the retail Bxxx firmware then just flash whatever firmware from the TDB site to make it RPC1