Let CloneCD close the tray

Hi all… I have something to contribute regarding the use of this duplicating software… here goes… all thanks to FutureProof and OC for their help


FutureProof wrote on 12-07-2002 00:04:
Always leave the tray open and allow CloneCD to close the tray by double clicking the icons. here’s OC-Freak’s advice stay in touch!

OC-Freak wrote on 11-07-2002 20:27:
1: media…try other media.
2: try the drive in another computer to limit the problem to drive or system.

Actually I have a friend with a similar problem; he have to insert the CD-R disc when cloneCD is waiting for the disc, not before he starts the program.

What firmware version do the drive have btw? The drive is a Lite-On LTR-40125S…


FutureProof wrote on 11-07-2002 08:26:
Any ideas?


Dellboy wrote on 11-07-2002 14:43:
Hi FutureProof

Would like to consult you on this Liteon writer re-labelled as a Iomega CDRW 40X12X40X.

Got a previous writer, Sony 16X10X32X, which worked well with CloneCD 3. Took that writer out and replaced it with the Iomega and immediately it did not recognise the media but it managed to detect the writer. CloneCD gave either a no media error or a media has no infomation error.

Updated it to CloneCD 4 and still it did not recognise the blank media within. However, CloneCD 4 managed to erase a RW that was previously formatted with Direct CD.

Please advise.