Less cabbage-face on RCA than on S-Video?



While it did turn out my 5005 has a slight C/F problem, it seems to not be as obvious when I use the RCA video, as opposed to using the S-Video.

Has anyone else noticed this?


gastrof - I have only used the rca a/v connections. What do ya mean C/F problem?


C/F = the above mentioned “cabbage-face”. :smiley:


:wink: ah I’m losing it!!! How could I forget about C/F - Thanks :bigsmile:


I found useing the rear A/V connections gave me a better quality reproduction. Are you useing quality cables?


I’m using the back connections only and have good cables.


And for me the front inputs are the better.


I’m pleased to say I’ve never had the cabbage face problem and wondered what it was all about…Watching cable last night and not through the Liteon,on one particular channel,there it was.Horrendous greeny/yellowy patches all over the place.Particularly noticeable on peoples faces.It didn’t affect any other channel.I dont draw any conclusions from it other than to suggest it could be a cable problem rather than Liteon ,or a combination of the two rather than Liteon alone.As i haven’t had it through the Liteon myself I’m not really qualified to say,i suppose…If people have got this all the time,you have my sympathy.


I agree with the different reasons for the cause of the cabbage patch. The one you experienced on your cable system being a perfect example. It would be nice if we knew of a couple guys that lived next door or in the same building to experiment with their machines if one had cabbage patch and the other one did not.


My 5005 had significant CF, my 5004 does not and both were hooked up the same way - Sources, Connections, Cables.


@HelloShaun - your 5005 had significant CF before latest f/w (0098 in the US) and the 0098 fw took care of it? That seems to be the case for the majority of US users also. Hopefully your 5005 still does not have it.

Your scenario/hookup sure makes it seem that in your case it was machine specific with your 5005 having CF and the 5004 not having it.


My 5005 went back due to another problem just before 98 came out, but as you say other users confirmed that the latest fw fixed it.
The 5004 replaced it and came with the 078 fw, and the latest fw is 080 which is still due for an upgrade by Liteon, I won’t hold my breath waiting though!

The Cf problem was not evident on the 5004 from the start.

FYI - I’m in the UK.


@HelloShaun - Yup, I knew you were in the UK I just put 0098 in regards to the US 5005’s that the latest F/W took pretty much care of the CF for US users. I don’t know the latest versions for the other country f/w’s. Glad you got a good machine from the start with your 5004 ! The 0098 for the 5005 came out near the end of March '05 and unless they get bombarded with a bunch of complaints I wouldn’t hold my breath for another f/w update either!