Lens Cleaner for DMR-E60 -- Help?

I have a DMR-E60. We are overdue for a lens cleaning.

The documentation says to use LF-K123LCA1, manufactured by Panasonic. It took me a while to find it, as Panasonic does not manufacture it anymore.

There are no instructions with the cleaning kit (!). It is a wet cleaner. I assume I put a dab of cleaning fluid on the brush, and also on the little pads around the inside circle.

When I put the cleaning disk in, I get a “can’t read please remove disk” error, asking me to hit “Enter” or “Return.”

This might be normal, but I don’t know as there are no instructions. I thought I’d get an onscreen message saying the cleaning was complete.

I either need:

  1. Some assurance that the cleaning has worked – either by someone who has instructions for this or has used it successfully, or

  2. Is there another cleaner I can use instead that will work on this lens?

I called Panasonic Tech Support and they couldn’t help me, as they don’t manufacture the cleaner anymore. They did say that while the newer Panasonic models only take dry cleaners, this model was OK to use a wet cleaner.

Are all wet cleaners created equal? Is there a significant difference between a cleaner for a DVD-R and a DVD-RAM (which this is)?


Z. Mulls