Lenovo T61 External Dvd/Rw Problems - Please Help!

Hi all,

Im pretty new to all this stuff so please bear with me.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 which is approx 5 weeks old.

It is running Win Xp Pro with all updates etc.

I have been using a Pioneer DVR107 in an external enclosure but recently
i have been unable to burn Dvd’s.

If i open up ‘my computer’ the drive is shown as a DVD/CD-RW Ram Drive.

I can play recorded media with no probems but as soon as i insert a blank
dvd the drive is shown as a ‘CD Drive’.

I have used Imation/Tuff Disc & Verbatim discs with no luck.

I have also plugged it into another computer with the same results.

Today i went out & purchased another drive (Atapi DVD A DH20A4P) & get
the same info.

The external enclosure is un-marked so i dont know the manufacturer details.

Could this be the problem? Ive been told probably not as it will read dvd’s &
cd’s but not blank media.

Any suggestions please as its doing my head in :confused:

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to CD Freaks. :flower:

You can’t burn straight from Windows Explorer to a DVD [except DVD RAM, in some cases] in Windows XP as is. You have to use a 3rd party burning application, such as ImgBurn, Nero, etc. ImgBurn is nice for just burning a bit of data, and it’s free. :slight_smile:

There might already be a DVD burning application on your computer. Just look in the list of programs on your start menu.

@ snoop69,

Assuming your undisclosed External Enclosure is an USB interface have you ensured that your Universal Serial Bus Controller is configured and operating correctly?

Navigate to Device Manager and under the heading “Universal Serial Bus Controller” ensure that you don’t have and Yellow or Red warning flags displayed.

Ensure that your USB connection cable is correctly connected and is functioning correctly.

Have you ensured that your Pioneer DVR-107 and LiteOn DH- 20A4P DVD Burners have the newest most current up to date available Firmware installed?

Connecting your undisclosed External Enclosure to you computer and in Device Manager and under the heading “Universal Serial Bus Controller” your External Enclosure should be displayed. Using this displayed information and using Google Search (http://www.google.com) you should be able to locate information on your undisclosed External Enclosure. Ensure that there isn’t any “Driver” updates that you might need to install.


Hi guys & thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention a few things.

I have used the Pioneer loads of times on my old T23 (which died) & have
used it a couple of times with the new T61.

I have tried burning Dvd’s using Roxio 7/7.5 & 9 & also with Nero 4 & 7
(7 came with the new drive).

I also downloaded Dvd Flick which was free just to see if it was a software

Also,i have un-installed & re-installed the drivers & have no conflicts in the
device manager.

I can burn Cd’s & read Dvd’s but either drive will not acknowledge & blank
Dvd-R or +R :sad:

Is there anything else i can check?

Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed on the laptop? If so a setting in one of them could need changing.

Neither of the above is installed!


Purchased a Pluscom usb enclosure as i thought that my un-branded
enclosure was faulty & guess what?

Diddly squat :confused:

Win Xp went through the ‘found new hardware’ channels then said ‘your hardware
is installed but may not work correctly’.

There are no conflicts in the device manager & the drive is no longer shown.

Im going to buy an internal burner & bin the other stuff :iagree: