Lenovo settles with FTC over harming customers with preloaded Superfish adware


Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/lenovo-settles-ftc-harming-customers-preloaded-superfish-adware-82483/

Lenovo has been warned by the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for pre-installing the insecure Superfish adware on its laptops. Lenovo has settled with the FTC, the government agency reports on its website. The company will pay a fine of $3.5 million to a coalition of 32 American states and has to take several measures…


[quote]Each violation of the orders of the FTC may result in a civil penalty of up to $40,654.[/quote] Does that include getting a free laptop free of malware plus the 40 grand each laptop buyer gets from them?


$3.5 million is laughable. I suppose they made tens of times that amount (or more) so if this is the precedent for the “punishment” these companies receive then we should probably expect more companies to engage in this type of inadequate behavior.


I don’t understand why the FTC always settles with mega-corporations in the first place. They always pay a few million (which, as @aztekk already pointed out, is much less than what the crime earned the company in the first place), and promise to never ever do it again. And guess what happens? The entire industry starts doing it, whole lobbying/bribing the government, and sending their puppets in the mainstream news to attack anyone who doesn’t like whatever they’re doing.

Why not prevent these all-too-common scenarios by sending the psychopaths responsible to prison? That would solve many of society’s problem, and prevent countless more. Nothing sends a sociopath a strong message like seeing their fellow buddies rotting behind bars.