Lenovo multi burner 3 dvd dl problem

i cant burn dl cd’s

i cheaked the driver date and it is somting in 2001

my best guess was driver or firmwer but i cant find

either in lenovo site and either in ibm site

can you help me plz


model : 41n5629

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For what I know there are no DL CD. If you mean dual layer DVDs, then probably your drive is too old to burn these discs.

If there is no firmware update available, then the only solution is to get a more recent drive to burn on DL discs :frowning:

but this driver supports light scrib
this technolegy is new and dual layer is older then light scrib

and on the drive written dvd/re-dl that mean it support dual lyer

so what is the problem

What model is it?


Lightscribe is not the new anymore. At least 3 or 4 years old.

What is the dual layer media are you trying to burn? verbatim dl is probably the only one that will work with this drive.

Firmware update available:

This package applies to the following systems configured with the USB 2.0 LightScribe Multiburner drive (service part number FRU 41N5630, 41N5628)