Lenovo gets approval for $8.3 million Superfish settlement

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/lenovo-gets-approval-for-8-3-million-superfish-settlement-85545/

Lenovo can go ahead with the settlement of a class action suit in the United States that was started after the company was found to install Superfish adware on its laptops. An American judge granted initial approval of an $8.3 million settlement. Final approval needs to come from a federal judge.

Let me guess after lawyer cuts out the consumer they get $100…!

IDK how much money Lenovo made from Superfish, but I’m guessing it was enough to make $8.3 million look like pocket change in comparison. IDK why these lawsuits always end in these stupid settlements, when the giant companies are all but getting away with murder (assuming they aren’t actually killing people like Monsanto/Bayer or Blackwater).