Lenovo and Dell sneak Linux on to new PCs

Open source software has made further inroads into Microsoft’s heartland this week as both Lenovo and Dell announced Linux-based PCs.

Link: http://www.techworld.com/opsys/news/index.cfm?newsid=9730

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Excellent news. I am wondering what the M$ markup is, for vista it may be significant. Anyway, thats what MS get for being greedy. Once some customers get Linux preinstalled, and many of those will be ‘cheap’ students, next thing u know there will be a school subject on openoffice and ubuntu, and nobody sure what MSoffice is for.

[B]Acer[/B] Extensa for an unbeatable price in Germany (never heard of LINPUS :bigsmile: though):

I thought I had heard of the Dell announcement months ago, although this is the first I’ve read of it finally rolling out something with Linux. Has to beat Vista!


But Ubuntu! Bleh :stuck_out_tongue: