Legos Star Wars & SecuRom 7

I have a legally purchased copy of the Legos Star Wars game. I made an .ISO of the disc using MagicISO and am using Daemon Tools to mount the image. This keeps the disc out of the hands of the kids, who perpetually leave CD’s on the floor to be scratched, stepped on, etc…

The game runs fine with the original disk in the drive, but the the game will not run with the mounted .ISO on either of two computers.

A-Ray identifies the security protection as SecuRom 7. I have the most-recent version of Daemon Tools, and the “Securom” option is enabled.

There is a thread on the Daemon Tools forum that says that the newest version of Daemon Tools may not be “best”, but I didn’t understand the thread after that.

Another thread on the same forum suggests using a downloadable program called “KRK_Securom_Loader” which I downloaded and installed. It launches the Legos Star Wars executable, but the security function “times out” and the game fails to start.

Any help appreciated,


Make your image for mounting, assuming it’s a cd, with alcohol using securom new (4.x/5.x) datatype settings and you’ll almost certainly have better luck. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion. Making the image file right now. I’ll report here on results.


Made the .mds file using Alcohol 120% as suggested, and mounted the image using Alcohol. Resulted in the following error message:

Lego Star Wars
Emulator detected!
Please deactivate virtual drive and emulation software.

Note this is a different error message than the first time.

Any more suggestions ?


You need to use antiblacklisting tool.The first time your image was not good.Now when you used alcohol 120% the image is good but the protection ( Securom 7 ) detected your virtual drive.You need to use antiblacklisting tool.I recommend you to use CureROM latest version ( ) or Anti Securo Loader ( you can download it from the tools section on

Thanks ! I will try that right away. If you have the time, could you please give me a brief & general idea of what is happening “behind the scenes”?

What is SecuRom doing, and how does the anti-blacklisting tool get around it ?

Also, I’ve read about the possiblity that Securom is stealth-installing some kind of detection software. Is it ? How do I find it ? How do I remove it ? Is that the purpose of this tool ?

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Downloaded & Installed CureROM. Didn’t know if “latest version” meant latest beta, so I got the latest “main” version (not the beta). There was an error on install, which I ignored.

Ran CureROM to launch the Legos executable and it still detects the virtual drive.

Any help appreciated.

SecuROM is just trying to detect if you are using virtual drive with mounted image to launch it.By latest Curerom i mean this version -

Also you can try Anti SecuROM Loader 1.2 which you can download from here
Some instruction which can help you can be found here

Good luck.

Thanks for your help, Neptune. I very much appreciate it when someone stays with me through a problem, rather than “hit & run” with advice and no follow-up. I will follow your instructions and report back.

Thanks again.

I donwloaded the file from the link provided. It appears to be the exact same version I installed the first time.

After uninstalling the previous installation, I re-installed again with the new which resulted in (I assume) the same Microsoft error message.

7838978A.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Is it possible my Alcohol virtual disks (2) are interfering, or the that I am using a dual-core processor ?

Should I try one of the betas ?

Thanks again.

This error is normal during the installation.Try to start the program after that.If you are not lucky try with Antisecurom loader 1.2 from daemon tools website or one of the other tools on